5 Ways to Communicate in a Florida Open Adoption

May 24, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

5 Ways to Communicate in a Florida Open Adoption

By Cynthia Knott

You have chosen open adoption in Florida, but how do you keep in touch? Or, maybe you are researching local adoption agencies near you and wondering how you will be able to communicate with your child. Either way, there are various ways to communicate in an open adoption. Finding what methods are suitable for you may take some deliberation or trial and error. The good news is, communication with your child and adoptive family in a Florida open adoption is flexible.

If you are pregnant and do not want to raise your child, Adoption Choices of Florida will ensure that you have a line of communication that works for you. It’s best to start the relationship by setting a guideline of how you and the adoptive family communicate. Setting up the level and ways of communication at the beginning of the relationship means better communication down the road.

Seeing Each Other with In Person or Virtual Visits

Depending on distance and comfort level, you and your birth family can coordinate visits. Visitation can allow adoptees an opportunity to maintain a strong bond with you, and even your family. Additionally, in-person visits can be a special time to get to know each other by giving and receiving updates. 

Your child will benefit from getting to know you on a personal level. Visits are something you both can look forward to as frequently as you want. Having you to look up to and learn from is something they will appreciate for years. An open adoption allows you to determine when and where visitations take place. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your adoptive family to make a plan for visitation!

Sending Each Other Texts

Exchanging phone numbers can make communication quick and easy. Constant communication will allow you, your child, and adoptive family to ask and answer questions, send quick updates, share photos and videos, etc. Texting may have boundaries that you and your adoptive parents will have to set beforehand. Your adoption caseworker can help you come to this necessary agreement.

Texting will make it easier for your adoptive family to ask you any important questions that you did not provide beforehand. Having you available will be helpful. You will benefit as well if you are ever wondering anything, or think of something you want your adoptive family to know after the adoption is finalized.

Scheduling Phone Calls or FaceTime

Talking on the phone is not the most popular form of communication anymore, but hearing someone’s voice is irreplaceable — especially for an adoptee talking to his or her birth mother. 

FaceTime is also a great way to be able to see each other while holding conversations. Being able to see your child grow up and mature each time you FaceTime will be something to appreciate and look forward to. FaceTime — especially these days — is easy to use and only requires a connection to Wifi. It allows you to show each other things and can make the phone call that much more enjoyable.

Following Each Other on Social Media

Social media has made it easy for people to stay in touch without constantly asking or sending updates. Some families opt to maintain a private page to share photos, videos, and messages on. It is an easy way to keep up to date during your free time.

It can allow for your families to also see into your child’s life if they want to. Social media can be used in so many ways and you can control who sees your account which can make the exchange of updates more personal. There are so many platforms to pick from as well, which allows you to pick one that you are all familiar and comfortable with.

Contacting Each Other through Email

If either you or the adoptive family don’t want to write letters, creating a unique email address for communication can be a great way to keep in touch. Using email allows for more privacy, while also giving the adoptee a way to communicate with you online. Being able to connect with your child from a young age will help your relationship flourish as time goes on.

Email is a great way to send links, photos, updates, etc. It can be an easy way for your child to contact you if he or she doesn’t have a phone yet but wants to communicate with you. You might not feel comfortable with giving your phone number, so email address is a good second option.

What Ways would You Communicate in an Open Adoption?

Communication in a Florida open adoption is flexible and exciting. There are so many forms of communication to explore. The ability to maintain close contact with your child and adoptive family allows you to heal and grow stronger after birth. You will be supported and will never feel conflicted due to you being in control of your wishes.

Adoption Choices of Florida will help you create a Florida adoption plan that contains methods of communication that work for you. We are available 24/7 to help you with any questions on types of adoption and how to go about communicating in your open adoption.

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption, and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678