A Birth Father’s Role Within Florida Adoption 

February 15, 2024

By Adoption Choices of Florida

A Birth Father’s Role Within Florida Adoption 

By Miriam Fuller

The conversation about adoption often carries a heavy focus on birth mothers. The image of birth mothers selflessly placing their baby for adoption is frequently the only display of birth parents within the adoption process. However, that image unrightfully and too frequently crops birth fathers from the world of adoption. Birth fathers seek adoption options alongside birth mothers far more than depicted. This false image of the lack of birth fathers in adoption in Jacksonville does not allow birth fathers to feel supported in their adoption choices. That is why, at Adoption Choices of Florida, we understand how vital it is for birth fathers to understand their adoption rights and the importance of their role in adoption. We strive to uplift both birth parents, encouraging them in their selflessly loving choice for adoption. 

At Adoption Choices of Florida, we offer free counseling support and personalized adoption plans for all birth parents so they can receive all the support they need throughout their adoption journey.

The Impact of Birth Parents’ Choice For Adoption

Choosing adoption and seeking help from Florida adoption agencies is, first and foremost, an altruistic act. Birth parents who place their child for adoption are setting themselves aside to ensure their child receives a beautiful future. Unfortunately, many birth parents, especially birth fathers, are not painted in this light. However, despite the portrayal of birth parents in false narratives, the reality of their choice is something of abundant love. The choice to place a child’s future over your own deserves to be cast in warm, supportive light and not in false damaging rays. We must uplift birth parents in their choice as it comes with a multitude of conflicting emotions and difficult decisions. 

Adoption means sacrificing for and making impactful decisions for the life of a loved one. Choosing adoption for your child is never a parent “giving up,” nor is it an act of absence, apathy, or abandonment. Adoption is the act of selfless, empathic, bountiful love. The choice of adoption is the most courageous act a parent can make and deserves care and respect. That is why adoption agencies, like Adoption Choices of Florida, actively uplift all birth parents and fight against the harmfully false portrayals of a birth parents’ choice for adoption.

The Harmful Narrative Around Birth Fathers

Most of us are familiar with the narrative of a birth mother facing an unplanned pregnancy in fear without the support of the birth father. The narrative’s antagonist, an absent birth father who is angry and unsupportive of the pregnancy, makes the birth mother the only champion of the adoption story. But what percentage of this adoption narrative remains true to the realities of birth fathers and adoption in Florida? The answer– virtually zero. Birth mothers’ and fathers’ stories are full of love and sacrifice, not obsolete fear and absence. This false narrative has created a harmful stereotype about birth fathers within adoption. It strips birth fathers of their love for their child and the significance of their choice for adoption. Unfortunately, this narrative makes birth fathers feel unwelcome, unsupported, and insignificant in adoption, making many devoted birth fathers remain apathetic during the adoption process.

Despite this, birth fathers are vital and integral parts of the adoption journey. This narrative, and others like it, harms not only birth fathers but their child’s adoptive future as it keeps birth fathers from feeling as though they are a part of the process. Adoption Choices of Florida sees how damaging this faux narrative about birth fathers is, and we are striving to rewrite it. We understand the influence birth fathers hold within adoption and advocate to rewrite this narrative and for birth fathers’ to receive the support they deserve

A Birth Father’s Rights and Role In Adoption

When pursuing adoption for their baby, birth fathers are significant pieces to the puzzle in ensuring a bright future for their child. Birth fathers, just like birth mothers, have the right to choose a variety of things throughout their adoption process. A birth father’s opinions and choices are vital in creating not only an ideal adoption plan but also in building a promising future for their child. Birth fathers can help in choosing: 

  • What adoption agency they will work with
  • What type of adoption they would like
  • Their child’s adoptive family
  • And the type of post-adoption communication they want (open, closed, or   semi-open)

Working alongside birth mothers and an adoption agency to create a personalized adoption plan is one of the most significant jobs birth fathers have. Birth fathers’ participation in creating an adoption plan helps to establish the best future for their child and protects the wants of both birth parents. In addition to aiding in the creation of an adoption plan, birth fathers are also significant support systems for birth mothers as they go through pregnancy and birth. Even in the post-partum and post-adoption transition periods, birth fathers help birth mothers to adjust, heal, and process.

Pregnancy, especially unplanned, can be an overwhelming weight to carry, but with the encouragement and partnership of birth fathers, pregnancy and the adoption journey can become a time of growth, love, and support. However, while birth fathers are often an uplifting foundation for birth mothers, it is essential to remember that birth fathers also experience hardship and powerful emotions throughout the adoption process. That is why birth parents need to receive support from adoption agencies, like Adoption Choices of Florida, so that both parents can be cared for throughout the process.

The Importance of Birth Fathers

Whether it is by supporting the birth mother or by choosing their adoption plan, birth fathers are vital pillars within the adoption process. The act of pursuing adoption is one of tenderness, love, and deep care. Every birth parent within the adoption process should be reminded of their rights, supported in their choices, and lifted with kindness, as their choice is not an easy one. Adoption Choices of Florida knows the significance of choosing adoption and the birth father’s role, making us fight to rewrite false stories and shine a light of supportive care on all birth parents.

If you are considering adoption and need help with your adoption process, contact Adoption Choices of Florida today to begin creating a personalized adoption plan and to receive twenty-four-hour support.