A Birth Father’s Roles and Responsibilities In Florida Adoption

June 26, 2021

By Adoption Choices of Florida

A Birth Father’s Roles and Responsibilities In Florida Adoption

Your relationship with the birth father, his involvement in the process could vary, nonetheless, he will still have roles and responsibilities to you and your unborn child. At Adoption Choices in Florida, we will make you feel confident and secure about the information of the birth father’s roles during the adoption process in Florida. 

Pregnancy can be a scary experience to go through especially if you’re unsure about what to do. There are a couple of options, such as keeping the baby, giving your baby up for adoption, or terminating the pregnancy. If the birth father is in the picture, then that decision making can be either easy or hard. If the birth father is supportive of whatever decision you make, or if the birth father is unsupportive, he can still be included through this process to better understand you and your feelings while also deciding the best for himself. 

Let’s say you plan on going through the adoption route. Even though you can go through the adoption process with or without the birth father, going through the adoption process in Florida with the birth father, especially if he is supportive, could be a lot more helpful and less intimidating for you. 

The Roles Of the Birth Father During the Adoption Process In Florida

Even though your opinion and stance comes first, it is still the birth father’s roles to be there for you and support you. If the birth father is wary about the adoption plan, there are many ways to help him feel less tension, after all, he is still the birth father. Because adoption can sometimes feel unfulfilling for the birth father, such as feeling unwanted or feeling unworthy, the birth father might have some doubts and second guess himself. A way to help him through this decision you can alway include him in the following: 

  • Thoroughly going over the adoption plan 
  • Making him understand why this choice is the best
  • Let him feel included during the process

Some of his stress over the adoption can be relieved and he can be more encouraging through the process for you. 

As for his role during the process, just being there for you and supporting you is motivating enough. If he opposes, then that can be handled by the caseworkers or through legal matters. Otherwise, keeping the birth father up to date with the information about the adoption and letting him know his feelings are valid are ways to make him active during this process and help this mutually beneficial relationship continue. 

He can also directly help with the adoption, such as helping choose adoptive parents, helping with the adoption plan, helping you decide what types of adoption would be best, and helping you during your pregnancy. 

The Responsibilities Of the Birth Father During the Adoption Process In Florida  

Just like you, the birth father might have several responsibilities during the adoption process too. However, how much the birth father oversees the adoption process and how much legal claim he has on the child varies from state to state. The adoption caseworkers have the best information about that and are very helpful. In Florida, it is required we contact the birth father during the adoption process, however, we do not need his consent. That is where his responsibilities lie, whether to support you or not. 

Other than legal matters, there is no way for the birth father to force you into not going through an adoption. By contacting more trained professionals such as legal advisers and caseworkers, they can inform you about the legal process of adoption in Florida.    

A Birth Father’s Roles and Responsibilities In Florida Adoption
Adoption can be a stressful process at times, even more so if the status of the birth father during it is unknown. At Adoption Choices in Florida you can reach out to us and start working on your adoption plan. You can learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the birth father during the process, whether he is active or not, and feel secure in starting this journey.

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678

Mehak Guha