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Baby Adoption Agencies near me in Florida

If you are an pregnant woman faced with the decision to put your child up for adoption, you are likely searching for adoption agencies near me. You are pregnant, searching adoption agencies in Florida, and need adoption help.

Our adoption agency in Florida is near you! We have offices located across Florida and we can provide adoption services to pregnant women across the state of Florida. No city is too big nor too small for us to come help you! We can come to you, meet you where you are for a face-to-face meeting, or we can meet virtually.

Many women must make this decision due to an unplanned, unexpected, or unwanted pregnancy. Adoption Choices of Florida understands what you are going through. We are here to provide you with guidance and support throughout the decision-making process, and, if it makes sense to you, help you find the right family for your baby.

Contact or Call Adoption Choices of Florida today to speak to one of our compassionate counselors.

Support for Pregnant Mothers with Florida Adoptions

Thinking about putting your child up for adoption? Have you already decided to place your baby for adoption? Are you looking for an adoption center in Florida? We can provide adoption help when you create an adoption plan that best suits your needs. 

We offer our birth mothers comprehensive services during their pregnancy, which include:

  • Financial Stability: being a licensed agency means we can provide financial assistance to birth mothers who choose adoption. If you have decided on creating an adoption plan and need financial assistance for medical expenses, living expenses, or pregnancy related expenses, you can reach out to us.
  • Medical Care: your health and care is genuinely our number one concern. We want you to be comfortable, healthy and safe.
  • Safe Place to Stay: we can provide you with a clean and comfortable place to live throughout your pregnancy. 
  • Supportive Counseling: we have professional, supportive, and compassionate counselors available for you whenever you need advice or just someone to speak to about your feelings and concerns. You will never be judged for your circumstance and we will never force you to choose adoption.

We Are Here to Help You Through the FL Adoption Process

If you think adoption might be the best decision for you and your baby, contact one of our adoption specialists today. We are here to give you guidance through this difficult time. If you have additional questions before you call us, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about our adoption agency.

Why Should I Choose Adoption?

Two of the most common reasons a woman going through an unplanned pregnancy chooses adoption include not being ready for parenthood and a lack of desire to be a parent. Others may be disconnected from the birth father, facing emotional instability, or have limited support for raising a child.

If you’re going through an unplanned pregnancy and feel you can relate to any of these reasons or any other reason, it’s time to consider your options. There are a lot more options for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy nowadays than there have been in the past. One of those options, as you may have already guessed, is adoption! Adoption is a great choice, especially if you’ve considered all of your other options and have determined that none of those options are the right fit for you and your unborn child.

I Can’t Afford a (Another) Child, I Need Adoption Help!

Another reason many women going through an unplanned pregnancy choose adoption is that they are not financially stable enough to raise a child. There’s no doubt about it, raising a child is expensive. So, if you’re experiencing financial difficulty and have become unexpectedly pregnant, consider adoption because it is an excellent option for you! 

Fortunately, most adoption agencies, as well as adoptive families, are more than willing to cover all adoption and medical-related expenses, so all you will have to worry about is staying healthy, both physically and mentally. 

Ultimately, the decision about whether to put your baby up for adoption or not rests in your hands. We are here to provide you with any information and resources you might need as you make this decision.

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