Adoption Choices of Florida Celebrates National Son and Daughter Day

August 2, 2021

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Adoption Choices of Florida Celebrates National Son and Daughter Day

As summer comes to its inevitable end and we’ve celebrated mothers and fathers with brunches, BBQs, flowers, and balloons, what about the kids? It can feel like every holiday is an opportunity to look at our children, biological or not, and think about how they’ve impacted our lives. As if parents and grandparents need an additional reason to spoil and dote over their kids and grandkids, National Son and Daughter Day gives us one more reason.

We know that placing your child up for adoption is not easy but whether you’re a birth mother, biological father, or adoptive parent, we want to celebrate their life with you! If you’re new to being a parent or birth parent, Adoption Choices of Florida is here to help you celebrate National Son and Daughter Day. As an adoption agency near you, we know a thing or two about celebrating kids.

So, what the heck is National Son and Daughter Day?

National Son and Daughter Day History

As far as national holidays go, the day is relatively new. Back in Missouri in the 1930’s when a man took up a cause for one young boy’s worthy inquiry; If mom and dad get a day, why don’t I? And so, the ball began to roll. Gradually, the idea began to catch on, little by little. In 1970, that young man’s complaint was brought to the forefront by a Florida house member who allegedly put in a request to the U.S. Congress to create a national holiday for sons and daughters. The next time we see the holiday brought up was in a Canadian publication referencing the day in 1988. Several accounts of the holiday are referenced throughout history, and the exact origin is mostly unknown.

How to Celebrate the Holiday as a Birth Mother

Holidays that center around children or motherhood can be difficult for birth mothers. For many, the idea can reopen old wounds. It’s important to remember that adoption doesn’t delete you as a mother. You are a biological mother with a biological child. If you have an open adoption, consider doing a group activity with the adoptive family. Let the child choose some fun things to do for the day, like going to an amusement park, getting ice cream, or spending the day watching Disney movies. Take time to appreciate the reason why you’re all able to be together. The reason you were able to make a hopeful family’s dream of being parents come true. Let yourself laugh, smile, and give a few extra hugs of appreciation. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our parents, and they wouldn’t be parents without us!

If you don’t have open communication with the adoptive family or don’t feel like you can reach out, that’s okay. Everyone’s situation is different, and you may not be ready to recognize or celebrate certain holidays. Write a letter to your child for when they’re older, call your own parents or grandparents, or appreciate your 4-legged fur baby.

How to Celebrate National Son and Daughter Day as an Adoptive Parent

You’ve gone through more than most parents do just to be a parent. Maybe you’ve suffered from infertility or are unable to have biological children. If having children someday was something you always wanted, you’re probably more than willing to give them a day to celebrate being glad they were born. Adoptees can often feel like they’ve been abandoned or unwanted. We know as well as you do that’s far from the truth. Even if they’re still just little babies, let them know how glad you are to have them. Tell them how excited you were to be chosen as their parents. Spoil them just a little extra. Let them wear pajamas all day with a tiara, eat cake for breakfast, and stay up a little later. Put aside any arguments or issues you may be having and take time to make sure they know how appreciated they are.

Sons and daughters are truly a gift. They provide life experiences so unique to being a parent, biological or not. They give us sleepless nights crying (both us and them), first words, first fights, and lots of unconditional love. We know as biological and adoptive parents, you have a lot of love to give. After all, you chose adoption for a reason. We want what’s best for our children, whether that means we’re the ones to raise them or not. The whole theme and idea of National Son and Daughter Day is love and appreciation. Take the time just to be together. Again, if not for them, we wouldn’t be parents, and if not for us, they wouldn’t be here.

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