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Miami Adoption Options and Help for Pregnant Women

Discovering you are pregnant and you don’t want a baby or you are not ready to parent is more common than you think. It’s important that you understand you are not alone, and you have options. Adoption is an option and we are the Florida adoption agencies that can help. We are experts in creating families, forever families for your baby. Adoption Choices of Florida offers professional, compassionate guidance and support to help you through this confusing time. We can provide a comfortable atmosphere, confidentiality, no pressure, no judgement, and we can explore all your adoption options and develop an adoption plan together. 

Adoption Choices of Florida is a licensed adoption center ready to help you through the adoption process in Miami. We provide the social, legal, and emotional support you need making an adoption plan

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Miami Adoption Resources

The adoption process in Florida is simple when you work with professionals. Searching “adoption agencies near me“? Our Miami adoption agency is here to support and guide you. Every pregnant woman deserves to feel confident about her decision to choose adoption and safe and supported throughout her pregnancy. We are excited to provide the support you need in Miami, Florida. 

Some of the adoption services and support we provide for expecting women:

  • Financial StabilityYour financial situation will change greatly while you are pregnant, whether you decide on adoption or not. We will make sure you have the knowledge, budget, and financial tools to ensure that you are not left in financial straits.
  • Medical CareAs your health changes during pregnancy, so will your healthcare needs. We will make sure that you have access to prenatal care from healthcare providers we and the community trust. You can also discuss creating a birth plan.
  • Safe Place to StayAre you feeling unsafe or unwelcome in your own home due to your unplanned pregnancy? Let us help you find a suitable and safe place to stay during your pregnancy where you don’t have to worry about rent or being judged.
  • Supportive CounselingWhen you need a shoulder to lean on and someone to talk to, our supportive counselors will be there. We want to help you feel better about your situation, fully understand your options, and regain confidence in your future.

Miami Adoption Questions?

Who will help me understand my adoption options? 

Our supportive staff has the experience to help birth parents and adoptive families navigate the adoption process in Florida. We are a team of social workers, adoption specialists, and adoption law experts. 

Why should I choose adoption?

Ultimately, only you can answer this question. Women consider adoption for a multitude of reasons – never a wrong reason. 

More Adoption FAQ’s

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