Adoption Intake: How Far Along do I Have to be to Choose Adoption in Florida?

October 17, 2022

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Adoption Intake: How Far Along do I Have to be to Choose Adoption in Florida?

By Kelly Paczkowski

An unexpected pregnancy can bring a lot of emotions and questions with it. You may feel scared, overwhelmed, and depressed. Have no idea what you are going to do. You may not be able to take care of your baby right now. Have you ever considered an adoption plan for your baby? But where do you go to get started?   

Our adoption agencies in Florida can help answer questions about putting your baby up for adoption. There is a lot of confusion surrounding how adoption works. An adoption specialist can help explain the adoption process in Florida and the steps that need to be taken to begin. 

Adoption Agencies in Florida

Adoption Choices of Florida is a licensed adoption agency that specializes in birth mothers and infant adoption. Our compassionate adoption specialists are dedicated to providing an adoption plan that is unique to you and your situation.  

An unplanned pregnancy can be scary and overwhelming. Why go through it alone?

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Give Up My Baby For Adoption

Once you have made your decision on adoption and choosing your agency, you will be required to fill out a Birth Mother Intake Form.  

It will also ask for information regarding the birth father. If you and your partner are still together, he can fill out the birth father portion on his own. If you are not with your partner yet, provide as much information as you can.

What is a Birth Mother Intake Form?

One of the first steps in your adoption options is to fill out an intake form. An intake form is a questionnaire that will ask questions about you, the birth mother. It will ask for your full legal name, date of birth, reasons for choosing an adoption plan for your baby, and even some medical history. The information collected could be helpful when choosing an adoptive family, and it might be shared with them and your baby at a later date.  

Will I Be Able to Get Support Services?

A lot of birth mothers may find themselves in situations where they lack transportation to doctor appointments, are in need of financial assistance, or even face homelessness. We can help you find housing for pregnant women. Everyone’s situation is unique, and we can help find solutions to problems that you may be facing. 

 In some of these situations, you might be able to receive services for the duration of your pregnancy and for a little bit after. Since different states have different laws regarding support services, it is always best to ask your adoption agency for the facts. 

You should be honest and open with your adoption specialist if you think you may need assistance. We can also help you find support services as well, for things like support groups and counseling.  

Adoption Options

After the intake process has begun, your adoption specialist will start to put together profiles of a forever family for your baby. They will look at your beliefs and your preference for an adoptive family for you to choose from.   

In an open adoption, you are in control. You get to decide what forever family your baby will grow up with. Also, with open adoption, you have communication between you, your baby, and the adoptive family.

A semi-open adoption is when you may not want as much contact, but you still want updates on how your baby is doing. This is when you would be able to get letters, photos, and maybe even a phone call.

A closed adoption is when you have no contact or communication between you, your baby, and the adoptive family.  

Each of these has its pluses and minuses. Your adoption specialist can help you determine which one of these options would be best suited for you. The adoption process can be scary and stressful, but having an adoption representative dedicated to you and your baby can ease that stress and make it less overwhelming.  

Choosing Adoption Choices of Florida

Are you pregnant and looking for information regarding your options? Contact Adoption Choices of Florida. We can help you find the answers you are looking for. Our experienced and dedicated staff understands the adoption process and can be there with you every step of the way. 

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