Adoption is (Always) Free for Birth Mothers

October 12, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Adoption is (Always) Free for Birth Mothers

By Moki Murillo

Are you pregnant but not ready to be a parent? You may already have thought about placing your baby into adoption, but you may also have questions. How much will it cost to place my baby into adoption? Can I afford it? Will I be compensated? Thankfully, we at Adoption Choices of Florida are willing to answer these questions and more.

Like in all other states, in Florida, it is illegal to receive compensation for placing your baby into adoption. What is true is that adoptive parents often pay for the birth mother’s living and medical expenses during pregnancy. This part of the adoption process is often conducted through adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Florida.

In more practical terms, this means that putting a child through adoption is free for birth mothers like you. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, for example, Adoption Choices of Florida can provide a number of helpful resources. Our adoption services are designed to ease your financial and mental burdens as you go through pregnancy.

Here are four ways that Adoption Choices of Florida supports our birth mothers through this often difficult process.

Our Adoption Services:

1. Material Support During Adoption

As part of your adoption plan, Adoption Choices of Florida will cover your living expenses while you are pregnant. We can help cover your rent and utility bills during your pregnancy. If you are having trouble with groceries, we can help pay for food, maternity clothes, household items, and more. Your plan can even cover your transportation to work and medical appointments. As birth mothers, you will be asked to endure much hardship to help your baby get a loving family. Our agency believes that those stresses shouldn’t include financial hardships.

2. Medical Support During Adoption

It is an unfortunate fact that medical bills for a pregnant woman are more expensive than their non-pregnant counterparts. If you are eligible, your adoption plan can cover these costs.

Prenatal care is part of the expenses covered by your adoption plan. Our agency can help find medical specialists who will help keep you and your baby healthy. Your doctor can provide necessary information related to your pregnancy, from your trimesters to essential lifestyle changes.

Your medical consultation can also extend to the birth itself. With Adoption Choices of Florida, you are able to create a birth plan that is most comfortable for you. There are multiple ways to give birth, from standard epidural pain management to all-natural tub birth. Our medical professionals can help inform you of each method to find the right one for you. Additionally, you can choose your birthing space, who gets to be present, and your pain management options. While we can provide advice and recommendations, you ultimately get the final say about these options.

3. Mental Health Services Through Adoption

Adoption in Florida, like everywhere else in America, can place a heavy toll on the minds of birth mothers. Many of the birth mothers feel that they abandoned their baby, which can be made worse by post-partum depression. On top of that, our society still places an unfair stigma on adoption, especially to birth mothers. These reasons and more are why we provide mental health counseling as part of your adoption plan.

Our adoption agency in Miami, for example, can provide you with supportive counseling as part of your adoption plan. These counselors are trained professionals who are experienced with the mental burdens that come with such a life-changing decision. Our free counseling sessions are offered through this process to help you.

4. Housing Services Through Adoption

We hope that you have a safe place to stay and a reliable support network during your pregnancy.  Unfortunately, every situation is different. Some birth mothers are in between homes. Others have homes with insufficient space or housemates who are inconsiderate of their pregnancy. Perhaps, they feel that their current home is not safe for one reason or another. There are even birth mothers who don’t want their families or their child’s father to know of their pregnancy. All of these circumstances and the reasons for them are valid to us at Adoption Choices of Florida. If one or more of these scenarios apply to you, then you could have access to our housing services.

As part of your adoption plan, our agency can provide you with a place to stay during your pregnancy if eligible. We will do our best to ensure that your temporary housing is clean, safe, and comfortable. This service could also be covered by your adoption plan.

An Adoption Agency for Your Budget

As a birth mother, you won’t truly get paid for placing your baby through adoption. At the same time, we at Adoption Choices of Florida will make sure to help you through your entire adoption journey. Placing a child into adoption in Florida is already a mental and physical burden for birth mothers. Our adoption plans are meant to make sure that it is not a financial burden as well. 

If you are struggling with how to put your newborn through adoption, call Adoption Choices of Florida today. We will take care of you, your budget, and, most importantly, your peace of mind.