Creating an Adoption Plan in Florida

We use this phrase because it is still the most commonly used language for a pregnant woman considering adoption and searching for adoption support. A woman is not giving up anything. Choosing adoption is a loving and healthy choice!

Historically, this phrase comes from the northeast part of the United States when orphaned children were transported via trains across the country looking for homes. When arriving in town, the children would be “put up” for adoption on a platform.

While slowing phasing out, this phrase is still used in the adoption community because it continues to be a popular search for pregnant women to find adoption information. 

We prefer the phrase “place for adoption,” especially, since the introduction of open adoption. “Placing” is an action. With intent. Birth parents love their children. They are not giving up. No one is being putt up.

We have worked with hundreds of birth families. They put a lot of thought and consideration into this very important and life-changing decision. Expectant parents do it with great intention knowing it’s going to cause them pain.

A birth mother refers to a woman who is choosing adoption for her unborn child or a woman who has chosen adoption already. Technically a woman is not a birth mother until the adoption is finalized. However, this language is often used to refer to any woman in the adoption process.

Yes, you can choose to make an adoption plan during your pregnancy, immediately after your baby is born, or several months after your baby’s birth. 

If you decide to place your baby for adoption while you’re in the hospital, you should request to talk to a social worker or contact an adoption professional like us to help you make decisions and start the adoption process quickly.

Exploring adoption for an older baby? Contact an adoption specialist with Adoption Choices of Florida whenever you’re ready. If you decide to place your older baby for adoption, your specialist will help you take the next steps like choosing a family to adopt your baby and the level of communication you wish to maintain with them.


Short answer, yes! The biological father does not have to be involved in creating the adoption plan. Nothing stops you from making an adoption plan without the father’s knowledge or consent in the adoption. Even if he is contesting the adoption, unless you are married, it is unlikely he will be able to stop the adoption.

It’s always best to be prepared, so as soon as you know you want to pursue adoption, contact a Florida adoption agency like Adoption Choices of Florida. We will start an adoption plan right away and help you determine if it’s safe or would be beneficial to include the biological father in the process.

No, a birth mother does not get paid to place her baby for adoption. However, as a licensed adoption agency we are able to provide financial support for pregnancy-related expenses. These can include expenses like rent, utilities, maternity clothing, healthy groceries, and a safe place to live. An adoption specialist will review a realistic budget for your needs and ensure you are supported during and after your pregnancy.

Adoption is an option you might want to consider. You will have no parental nor financial responsibility with an adoption. Birth parents can still maintain contact, if they want through an open or semi-open adoption – but they will not be responsible for parenting your baby. Adoption is permanent.

How to Place a Child for Adoption in Florida

Thinking of Putting Your Baby Up for Adoption? Let Us Help You Create an Adoption Plan

If you are pregnant and think, I want to give up my child for adoption, you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with you. An unplanned pregnancy can be terrifying. There are many aspects to consider and think about when you are placing your baby for adoption. We are here to help you with adoption in Florida. There is no need to panic, no need to rush. Take your time. Research your options. Make sure you fully understand what your decision entails, and how it will impact your life moving forward. You can choose adoption an any stage in your pregnancy, even after the baby is born. 

Considering Adoption in Florida

When considering adoption in FL with our agencies, your adoption plan will be unique but there are a few key steps that make up your experience:

Give up my child for adoption Florida

1. Make a Plan for Adoption

When it comes to your adoption journey with our adoption agencies in Florida, you have full control of your adoption plan. We will never force nor pressure you into making a decision. Nor will we ever leave you in the dark or drop you mid-process.

Adoption Choices of Florida is dedicated to respecting your choices. When you first begin the adoption process, you will work closely with an adoption specialist to outline all the details that are important to you. We will walk you through all the different aspects of your adoption plan. 

5 Things to Consider When Creating Your Adoption Plan

Whether you are a a few weeks pregnant, a few months pregnant, about to give birth, or already at the hospital with a newborn, you can choose to place your child for adoption in Florida.

Last Minute Adoption Florida

A last minute adoption plan is as accessible with our adoption agency as is an adoption plan the moment you discover you are pregnant. We also work with pregnant teens and young women who are facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.  

Birth mothers who create their adoption plan sooner rather than later often feel more confident and comfortable with their adoption decision and throughout their adoption journey. 

open adoption in FL

2. Decide Level of Openness

One of the first things you will need to decide when placing your baby for adoption is the level of openness or type of adoption you want in your adoption agreement. There are three different levels:

Click on each to learn more about the pros and cons!

Most adoptions today have some level of openness and most adoptive families are open to the same. When you work with Adoption Choices of Florida, our adoption specialists will help mediate post-placement contact between you and the adoptive family for continued communication. 

choose Florida adoptive family

3. Choosing an Adoptive Family

After deciding the level of openness that best fits your adoption plan, think about what kind of adoptive family you’re looking for. Who will ultimately get the gift of your son or daughter, and the responsibility of raising them?

Do you want the family to have pets? Other children? Live in a diverse neighborhood? Share similar values as you? All of this and more will be discussed with your adoption specialist. 

You will then be presented with a variety of waiting adoptive family profiles to review and find your family! 

money for adoption in Florida

4. Developing a Financial Assistance Plan

As a licensed adoption agency in Florida, we are able to provide reasonable living expenses and financial support throughout your pregnancy and post-placement. Your adoption specialist will work with you to determine what support services you might need. 

As aforementioned, your adoption plan is essentially a guideline for your adoption journey. Having that guideline to follow along with is an excellent way to ensure your confidence and comfort, as it’s quite normal for birth mothers going through the adoption process to experience nervousness and hesitation. And don’t forget — your adoption agency support team will be right by your side to support you every step of the way!

Our professional, compassionate staff will work with you –one on one — virtually or face to face and walk you through your Florida adoption plan. We are committed to you, will advocate for you, and want to make sure the adoption process matches your wants and needs!

Adoption Choices of Florida

If you haven’t already committed to placing your child for adoption but are strongly considering adoption, Adoption Choices of Florida encourages you to start thinking about your adoption plan now. It’s normal to feel embarrassed or even a little guilty about starting your child’s adoption plan before you’ve fully committed to adoption, but remember, you can always change your mind. 

Getting a head-start on an adoption plan for your child is a wonderful way to begin considering your child’s life and the kind of future you want him or her to have. So, whether you’ve committed to placing your child for adoption or not, know that it’s never too late to start considering what’s in your child’s best interest! 

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