Adoption Post-Placement Services In Florida

April 18, 2022

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Adoption Post-Placement Services In Florida

By Allie Nowak

The adoption process can look unique to each individual. Adoption Choices of Florida serves to support women every step of the way, including postpartum support and post-placement services. While adoption may be the best choice for you, that does not mean it is an easy process. After placing your child with the adoptive family, it’s important to ensure that you still receive the help you need. Support can vary depending on each woman’s circumstances. This article will discuss the different types of services adoption agencies can offer postpartum. 

Legalities For Adoption Finalization 

Once the baby is born, you will need to sign legal documents stating that you are terminating your parental rights. If you are in an open or semi-open adoption, the documents may include the contact and visitation agreements. In a closed adoption, the paperwork will state that you will no longer have contact with the child.

In most cases, you will have until the legal documents are signed to make changes or back out the adoption agreement. Depending on your state, you may be asked to sign the legal documents immediately after giving birth or within 48-72 hours. However, once the legal documents are signed, there is no backing out, and the child will officially be placed with the adoptive parents. The only time an adoption may be revoked is if it is done under duress, fraud, or coercion. Therefore, it will be important to discuss the legalities of the adoption process with a Florida adoption agency representative. That way you have a clear understanding before signing any documents. 

Post-Placement Services

Post-placement services include wellness visits for the birth mother and home visits with the adoptive family. This ensures that the adoptive family has prepared their home for the child and that they are safe, comfortable, and adjusting well. Our specialist will also be in contact with you, to ensure you are doing well after giving birth. Post-placement services want to ensure that after documents are signed and before the adoption process is finished, everyone involved feels content with the decisions made. 

Financial Support For Birth Mothers

While many adoption services offer financial support during pregnancy, some agencies can offer financial support after giving birth. Depending on your state’s rules, some adoption services can provide birth mothers with financial support weeks and months after birth. This is to make sure you can get back on your feet, whether it has enough food, finding work, counseling, or doctor appointments. Suppose you know that you are in need of financial support. This will be important to discuss with your adoption agency representative early on. That way they can ensure you have the resources you will need to be safe, comfortable, and healthy after placing baby for adoption

Health Support For Birth Mothers

Giving birth can greatly disrupt a woman’s health and sometimes require medical assistance, doctor appointments, or physical support postpartum. If you need assistance finding the right doctor, or making sure your body heals safely, talk to adoption agency representatives. They can connect you with the right support. 

Counseling Support For Birth Mothers

There is no doubt that postpartum can take a toll on women emotionally. It can already be overwhelming enough to place a child up for adoption, but added stress like postpartum depression can be too much for someone to handle alone. Birth mothers will feel a range of emotions after placing their child with the adoptive family. You may feel happy, sad, guilty, shameful, stressed, or regretful. These are all normal emotions to feel and are completely valid.  Adoption Choices of Florida, as well as many other local adoption agencies, offer to counsel for women who have recently placed their child up for adoption. Make sure you are communicating with your adoption agency representative to get connected with the right type of mental health support. 

No woman should have to go through the adoption process alone. Especially the stress and hardships that come after giving birth and placing your child with the adoptive family.

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