Adoption Resources for Birth Parents in Florida

May 16, 2022

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Adoption Resources for Birth Parents in Florida

By Connor Shelton

You have an unplanned pregnancy, pondered the choice of keeping the baby, and realize that you aren’t quite ready to raise a child. It’s okay. That kind of responsibility can be daunting for expecting parents, and no doubt you’ve searched for how to “give up my baby for adoption.” Given the number of conflicting responses, you might wonder if there are any resources you have access to during your pregnancy. Don’t worry. At Adoption Choices of Florida, we have the answers and information you need. We’ll ensure you find the adoption resources you need for your child. All you have to do is give us an idea of what you need.

Where to start to place my baby up for adoption in Florida?

This probably goes without saying, but make sure this is your decision before putting your child up for adoption. Once you’ve placed your baby up for adoption in Florida, you cannot regain custody unless the adoption is done under coercion, fraud, or duress. To avoid all this, make sure you’ve carefully gone over the decision to give your baby up.

Once that’s out of the way, you’ll want to consider the following steps of the adoption process. First, find adoption agencies in Florida. Given that you’re reading this post, you’ve presumably done this and are considering our organization. We love that almost as much as we love helping you!

Second, make sure to search for adoption options. There are three primary ones across the country, and knowing the specifics of each option is key to getting you the right resources. Typically, these options are open, semi-open, and closed adoption. Open adoption is where you and the adoptive parents share custody of the adopted child. Note that this option requires the consent of the birth parent and the adoptive parents.

A semi-open adoption is where the birth parent(s) have decided they don’t want complete contact with the family and child. Often, the birth parent’s identity (s) is kept anonymous. Because of this lack of information, the adoption process is done through the agency of choice.

A closed adoption is when the birth parents have decided not to be involved in the adoption process. Everything related to the process is done through the adoption agency. Know that there is a significant choice that comes with this option. There’s no going back once you’ve signed the adoption papers to sign off on this type of adoption.

Financial Resources Available for Adoption in Florida

A frequently asked question is whether women get paid when they “adopt out my baby.” While you, unfortunately, will not be paid, we at Adoption Choices of Florida provide financial resources to assist you with any expenses related to your pregnancy. 

We aren’t the only ones who can help out with money. Adoptive parents can also – though are not obligated to – provide you with financial assistance, should you need it during the pregnancy. And to determine what living and pregnancy expenses will be covered, your adoptive counselor will work with you. Know, however, that the amount of financial assistance you receive will depend on your specific situation and circumstances. We will still do our best to accommodate any needs you might have. 

Counseling Support for Choosing Adoption in Florida

This goes without saying, but pregnancy is physically and mentally exhausting. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out when working through an unplanned pregnancy. Thankfully, our adoption agency offers supportive counseling before and after the pregnancy. During these sessions, you can talk about any worries or concerns you might have. Our birth counselors will not only listen to your needs, but they’ll also do their best to find a caseworker who will work to help you through the adoption process.

Shelter and Medical Care

You shouldn’t have to worry about finding a place to stay during your pregnancy. We offer shelter for a multitude of reasons. Whether you cannot afford decent accommodations, are concerned about your well-being, or wish to keep your unplanned pregnancy a secret, we can acquire alternative housing arrangements for you during this delicate time in your life.

Related to housing, medical care is also crucial during your pregnancy. Because we value your health and your child so much, we will ensure that you have adequate medical care during your pregnancy.

Need more assistance? Learn from birth mothers firsthand

When you don’t know many people who have gone through the process, adoption is not an easy thing to discuss. We at Adoption Choices of Florida try our best to give you all the information and resources you might need during your pregnancy. Among these resources’ the most important and overlooked are our birth mother blogs. These are women who’ve gone through the experience you currently face, so take advantage of their words of wisdom. They’re here to help you just as much as we are.

It’s crucial to find a community to offer support throughout this rewarding yet difficult process. At Adoption Choices of Florida, we wish to alleviate your concerns over adoption by providing you with the resources you might require.

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678 or text us at 904-559-1251