Adoption Support Available in Florida

May 25, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Adoption Support Available in Florida

By Jan Douglas

Local adoption agencies near me” is an often googled phrase when looking for unplanned or crisis pregnancy help. Adoption Choices of Florida is a local adoption agency if you are pregnant and have found yourself in this situation. We can meet you at a convenient location or, if you prefer, virtually. Choosing adoption is a life-changing decision. One of our adoption specialists will take you through the adoption process–from beginning to post-placement. Adoption is tough, but it can also be a beautiful choice. 

Adoption Support Available for Adoption in Florida

Experiencing an unexpected pregnancy may leave you feeling scared and dazed. You may be all alone as well. If you are pregnant and don’t want the baby, we are a private, licensed adoption agency in Florida. Every pregnancy situation is unique. There is no shame in admitting you are unprepared or incapable of parenting. We believe it takes courage for a pregnant woman to take the adoption journey. We will be with you every step of the way. Our birth mother specialists have walked this path with numerous pregnant women just like you!

1. Adoption Choices of Florida Can Provide You With a Safe Place to Stay

If you are pregnant and in a housing crisis, we can arrange a secure, clean, and comfortable place to live until your delivery. There are various reasons why you may need a place to live:

  • You are experiencing homelessness right now
  • You want to keep the pregnancy a secret
  • The people you live with are not good for you
  • There are concerns you may be in danger

We will make sure you do not need to worry about a roof over your head. We will try to find accommodations to fit your preferences.

2. Our Adoption Agency Offers Financial Support

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be stressful. We have various financial resources to help lessen the burden and have one less thing to worry about, such as:

  • Rent
  • Transportation
  • Groceries
  • Maternity Clothing
  • Other bills or expenses

After your initial meeting with one of our adoption specialists, you and she will create an adoption budget.

3. We Will Help You with Prenatal Care and Services

The most important thing right now is your and your baby’s health. You may not know what to expect if this is your first pregnancy. Your adoption specialist will be there to answer your questions. We partner with several trusted healthcare professionals throughout Florida. As part of the adoption process, you will create a birth plan which may include:

  • Where would you like to give birth?
  • Would you like to have an all-natural birth?
  • Options for pain management?
  • Are there certain people you want in the delivery room or at the hospital?

We can also help with any medical expenses related to your decisions. 

4. All Birth Mothers Receive Supportive Counseling from Our Experienced Adoption Team 

You will probably experience all different sorts of emotions during your pregnancy – fear, anxiety, relief, and even joy, to name just a few. As you walk this path, having a trusted person beside you can be life-changing. Your birth mom specialist understands the ups and downs, highs and lows. Our adoption specialists have been a support for many birth mothers just like you. 

Supportive counseling means we listen as you process and work out your decision. Often, those close to us can have strong opinions. And being in such a vulnerable place, they may easily sway you. Adoption Choices of Florida wants every woman experiencing an unexpected pregnancy to do what is best for them. Your adoption specialist may give you their thoughts but will never pressure you in a particular direction. 

We provide counseling even after delivery and finalization of the adoption. You have just gone through something very emotional. Most likely, lingering feelings will need to be processed and resolved. 

5. Our Private Adoption Agency will Help You Create an Adoption Plan

You will create your adoption plan with the help of your adoption specialist. The birth mother has complete control over her unique plan. You will make a detailed list of what is important to you. Two of the main characteristics included in an adoption plan are:

  • Type of Adoption or Level of Openness
  • Selecting an Adoptive Family

The majority of adoptions today have some level of openness. You may want to have a direct relationship with the child and adoptive family after the birth. Or a birth mom may only be comfortable with updates on how the child is doing, usually through emails or letters. In some instances, a birth mother may choose a closed, confidential adoption. All are okay; every adoption plan will be specific to your wishes.

All the adoptive families accepted by our agency have undergone an intensive Home Study and have been thoroughly background-checked. You will have several family profiles to look through and choose from. Once you have selected the adoptive parents, you can meet them. You might invite them to be a part of the adoption process. 

Adoption Choices of Florida supports all pregnant women for adoption in Florida. Someone from our adoption team is available 24/7 to meet with you in person or virtually. We are a fully licensed and highly respected adoption agency in Florida. Our adoption specialists are thoughtful, kind, and well-informed regarding Florida adoption requirements. You do not have to go on this journey alone.