Adoption Support Through the Holidays

December 11, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Adoption Support Through the Holidays

By Amber Godin

Going through the motions of the adoption process as a birth mother can feel stressful enough. Through the holidays, you may feel overwhelmed by the adoption process. Perhaps the pressure of family and friends demands to be met. Or you might even feel isolated and lonely, as the adoption process might be personal and private. Our adoption agency in Florida provides birth mothers with personal attention and support even through the holidays.

As a non-profit adoption agency, we provide counseling, support groups, and holiday events for birth mothers and their families. If you want the best out of adoption agencies, look no further than Adoption Choices of Florida

Life and The Adoption Journey Never End

Even after adoption is finalized, your life and the adoption journey will continue. For birth mothers, we will contact you after the adoption is finalized to see how you’re doing. Typically, with the same social worker or agent you are familiar with from the home study. We require additional documentation from adoptive families and birth mothers to support your adoption as a successful journey. This is mandatory for adoption agencies and is temporary, only for several months post-adoption.

Your relationship with the adoptive family depends on the type of openness in your adoption plan. If you choose open or semi-open adoption, you are allowed more involvement in your child’s life. Because open and semi-open adoption is becoming a common choice, your relationship with your child can continue. As more adoptive families opt for this option, a relationship can flourish. Whether your relationship is from a distance with semi-open adoption or more physical contact with open adoption, these types of adoption will allow you to maintain communication and receive updates about your child. This also means you may be able to celebrate the holidays with your child and strengthen your bond with them. Adoptive parents who also want open or semi-open adoption understand the benefits of keeping in contact with birth mothers.

Open or semi-open adoption types may be better for your child’s mental health and sense of identity over time. November is National Adoption Month. The holidays are for celebrating the unique bonds of adoptive families and celebrating adoptee identity. Open and semi-open adoption can strengthen the connection between the holidays and adoption in Florida as a positive journey.

Closed Adoption is Still a Loving Choice for Birth Mothers

Yes, open and semi-open adoption may be more common. However, going with closed adoption types over open adoption types does not mean you love your baby any less. One misconception is that choosing adoption can mean not being able to have a family down the road. But even after placing your baby up for adoption, and even if you choose a closed adoption type, life still continues. And yes, you can still have a family down the road post-adoption. While closed adoption means no contact with adoptive families or your child, it may feel isolating. Or life is at a standstill for you as a birth mother. But you may be dealing with an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy and don’t yet have the circumstances or desire to raise a child. Our agency understands and is compassionate about your situation. You are in control of the adoption process and your adoption plan.

Furthermore, you do not need to feel guilty about choosing a path that will be in everyone’s best interests. This means your own, your baby’s, and providing a loving family for your child. Our adoption specialists also include supportive counseling for birth mothers.  

You still control preferences for their adoptive parents and what type of home you want your baby to grow up in. What values are important for you in terms of who your baby is placed with. We help you see whatever type of adoption is empowering, correcting misconceptions about adoption. You learn that adoption is a loving and responsible option, regardless of the type of plan you select.

 Our adoption agencies in Florida have experience in helping birth mothers see adoption has many benefits for everyone involved. The most important thing for birth mothers is to realize that it is always your decision to make. 

Resources for Birth Mothers in the Adoption Process

We offer a variety of resources to support birth mothers through the adoption process. To make the adoption process smooth, our agency will help you handle financial costs in your daily life. This includes having a safe shelter, food, transportation, medical care, and other bills or expenses. Financial assistance will be negotiated with our agency if this is a concern for you. Emotional well-being is prioritized, and so we offer a supportive counseling team to listen to you and offer advice. Never pressuring you or forcing beliefs or opinions on birth mothers is partly why we are the best.

Adoption Choices of Florida provides supportive counseling and resources, no matter your unique adoption plan. We care about birth mothers and understand how the adoption process impacts holidays, too. This is the reason we offer adoption resources and services to get you through your most difficult times. You don’t need to be on this journey feeling alone or like you are abandoning your baby. With our team of compassionate adoption specialists, we will help you realize that adoption is always a loving choice. Whether your adoption type is closed or open is not the point. That is, you are choosing your baby’s interests while you are still caring about your own life.

Adoption is a Gift That Keeps Giving

 Our adoption agencies in Florida also provide birth mothers with information on local support groups. This can be a great way to reduce stress and gain a supportive community during the holidays, as the holidays are a time to celebrate that you are placing your baby in a loving home. You are also giving yourself the gift of community with other birth mothers who understand how it feels.

Adoption Choices of Florida is a private, non-profit agency that provides a supportive community for birth mothers. We also provide birth mothers with resources such as support groups, financial assistance, and counseling. When you search adoption Tampa and adoption services, you’ll find a list of resources we provide birth mothers.

If you’re a birth mother affected by the stress of both adoption and the holiday season, contact us today. Adoption Choices of Florida offers support for birth mothers going through the adoption process. Furthermore, we offer support groups, financial assistance, and holiday events. We also support adoptive families and adoptee children!