20 Adoption Terms Birth Mothers in Florida Should Know

January 5, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

20 Adoption Terms Birth Mothers in Florida Should Know

By Rachel Smith

Adoption can be a great choice for birth mothers and babies alike. Birth mothers who cannot care for their baby get the chance to provide a caring environment for them. Adoptees are guaranteed to receive the love and support they need as they grow up. Adoptive families receive a child to love and cherish. 

Are you a birth mother who has decided to consider giving your baby up for adoption? Great! But what are your next steps? The adoption process can be as beautiful as it can be confusing. Luckily, there are many resources and ways to learn more about the process! Here are 20 adoption terms you should know to help you on your adoption journey. 

Important Florida Adoption Terms List


The baby that is being adopted out, whether unborn or newborn. It is never too late to consider adoption. 


When the birth mother gives up her parental rights, and an adoptive family takes care of the child. 

Adoption Agency

The agency that manages the adoption of the baby. They support birth mothers through the adoption process and provide certified adoptive families. 

Adoption Counselor

An adoption specialist provided by the adoption agency helps the birth mother with adoption-related concerns. 

Adoption Plan

This is an organized plan that helps birth mothers navigate through the adoption processAdoption plans are created with the help of an adoption counselor–provided by the adoption agency–that has adoption experience. 

Adoption Process

The adoption process is the set of steps a birth mother must take to go through with adoption in Florida. Adoption requirements, necessary adoption papers, and the final relinquishment are all included in this plan. 

Adoptive Family

The family that adopts and raises your baby. These families can range in orientation, ethnic background, religious beliefs, size, and more. The adoptive families of Adoption Choices of Florida have one thing in common. All of our families have undergone immense background checks and home evaluations. This ensures that the adoptee will be able to grow in a loving, supportive environment. Regardless of what family is chosen by the birth mother, the adoptee will be in good hands.

Birth Father

The biological father of the baby. Sometimes, birth fathers are involved in the adoption process. Sometimes, the birth father is not in the picture. Whatever the case, Adoption Choices of Florida can help birth mothers navigate this issue. In certain situations, birth fathers may not need to be involved. It is important for birth mothers to reach out to Adoption Choices of Florida for more information.

Birth Mother

An expectant or current mother is preparing to give their baby up for adoption. They can do so for many reasons. The birth mother may not believe in adoption. They might not have the resources to take care of a baby. Whatever the case, choosing adoption is always a brave and respectable decision.

Birth Mother Support Groups

Groups where birth mothers can meet, connect, and talk about their experiences. It can be a great way to manage emotions post-placement with birth to mothers that have gone through similar situations. It is a great place for new birth mothers who want to learn more about adoption from other birth mothers. Adoption Choices of Florida can connect birth mothers to the support groups they need. 

Birthing Plan

The plan for how the labor process will go for expectant birth mothers. Typically, the adoptive family will travel to the hospital and prepare to leave the hospital with the baby. Whether or not the adoptive family is allowed in the hospital room is up to the birth mother. 

Closed Adoption

A communication plan where there is little to no communication between the birth family and adoptive family. Information is only shared at the time of adoption. This means that items like medical records will not be updated. 


The acronym for the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children. A mandatory law that creates a national standard of protection for adoptees when considering interstate adoption. Working through ICPC requirements may seem daunting. Adoption Choices of Florida is ready to help birth mothers navigate them every step of the way!

Licensed Adoption Agency

An adoption agency that is able to provide financial aid to birth mothers. Licensed adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Florida can provide necessities like rent, groceries, clothing, transportation, and more. 

Open Adoption

A communication plan that is “open.” The adoptive family and birth family communicate directly about pictures, gifts, letters, reunions, and more.


Any activity that occurs after the adoption is finalized, and the adoptee has been placed in their new loving home. For birth mothers, this can refer to post-placement support in the form of counseling or financial aid. 

Private Adoption Agency

An adoption agency that gives birth mothers the freedom to choose an adoptive family for their baby. 


When the birth mother signs away or relinquishes her legal parental rights. At that point, the child has been legally adopted, and the adoption process is finalized. 

Semi-Open Adoption

A communication plan where the adoption agency acts as a “middleman.” The adoptive family and birth family deliver information like adoptee updates and updated medical records to the adoptive agency first. Then, the information is sent to the other party. 

Types of Adoption

The different levels of communication between the adoptive family and birth family post-placement. There are three main types of adoption: open, semi-open, and closed. However, there are many variations of each type depending on the birth mother’s best interest. 

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