Adoptive Family Rejection: What if the Family Doesn’t Love My Baby

June 30, 2022

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Adoptive Family Rejection: What if the Family Doesn’t Love My Baby

By Alex Reza

As a birth mother, it is completely understandable that you have questions and concerns about the life path your baby will have once you place it for adoption. It is a very loving and brave decision. One of your biggest fears might be adoptive family rejection. “What if the adoptive family doesn’t love my baby as their own?”

It is extremely unlikely that the adoptive family you ultimately choose is not going to love and accept your child. If you are worried that you will not have enough time to choose the adoptive family, please do not be concerned. There is no timeline when it comes to choosing the family.

The adoption process is not rushed, so you will have plenty of time to choose the right family. In the end, you will be in control of the process and will decide what is best for your baby. If you have decided to seek out adoption, then Adoption Choices of Florida is here to guide you throughout this process with care and compassion. We hope you understand that if you give up your baby for adoption, you are performing a selfless act and providing a better life for your child. 

Adoption Choices of Florida is a fully licensed, child-placing agency that serves women facing an unplanned pregnancy. If you are a birth mother considering placing your child for adoption and are fearful that the adoptive family will not accept your child as their own, then please click on this link, and an adoption professional will address your questions and concerns: adoption agencies in Florida.   

How does the adoption matching process work? 

A matching process is a series of steps, beginning with putting together an adoption plan. Based on your preferences, you will then be able to review the profiles of adoptive families and choose the one you feel is the best match. We will screen and approve all of the families you will consider for adoption. We estimate that the matching process will take around ten months to complete. Adoption Choices of Florida will be very thorough when it comes to evaluating the adoptive families so that they fulfill your specific needs. There are certain questions that you should consider when it comes to the adoption matching process. Some of these questions include:

  • Is your baby going to have siblings?
  • Are there certain ethnic backgrounds you prefer?
  • Are you open to a same-sex couple raising your child?
  • What is the adoptive family’s lifestyle like?
  • Where does the adoptive family reside?
  • What age of adoptive parents do you prefer? 

You can narrow the matching process down based on the adoptive families you feel will be the best match and love your child as their own. As the birth mother, you will have the ability to meet these families and can ask them questions, so you feel comfortable that you are making the right choice.

How Much Contact Will You have after the adoption?

You also get to decide what kind of communication you would like to have with your child after the adoption. Again, the birth mother makes these decisions. For example, there are many types of adoption, you may want no contact, or you may want a lifelong relationship with your child if you choose open adoption.

Adoption Choices of Florida will use all the information you provide to select the adoptive families for your review. If, after the first review, you feel the families presented do not meet your needs, then no worries, you can request to review more profiles until you find the perfect adoptive family that you feel will love your child unconditionally. 

Does the adoption process have a timeline? 

If you will give birth soon or even after you give birth, you can still select an adoptive family that is a perfect match for your baby. There is no timeline when it comes to adoption in Florida. Perhaps you did not consider to adopt out your baby, but your life circumstances changed. After birth or in the hospital, you decided that adoption would be the best choice. Adoption Choices of Florida is here to assure you that you should never have to feel the pressure of time when deciding what course of action to take. Our caring adoption professionals will support your journey throughout the adoption process in Florida. 

As the birth mother, will I have comfort and control over the adoption process? 

When it comes to the family that is going to raise your child, know that you have adoption options. A great way to ensure that you are in control is to work with one of our adoption agency professionals. They will help you create an adoption plan and provide you with the resources you need for the adoption to run smoothly. You will have complete control over all the decisions. Interviewing the adoptive family is a great activity for you to participate in so you feel comfortable throughout the adoption process. This is an excellent way to get to know them personally.

We recommend you review the personal information that pertains to the adoptive family. This may include family histories, photos of family members, information about their neighborhood, and other details about their lives. You may want to involve your own family, as well as the birth father, in the decision-making process to gain their insight into what would be best for your child. 

We are here to help with adoptive family rejection

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering placing your baby for adoption and have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678, or text us at 904-559-1251. Adoption agencies in Florida will compassionately help you throughout the entire process.