Am I Able to Place My Newborn for Adoption, in Florida While in the Military?

January 12, 2022

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Am I Able to Place My Newborn for Adoption, in Florida While in the Military?

You may be a solid asset to our United States military forces. However, you had an unplanned pregnancy and must focus on the child growing inside you. You may not be ready to have kids, or you may not want kids. These or any other reasons for placing your newborn for adoption are valid. Your main concern is if adoption is adoption for you if you are in the military, the answer is yes. Military birth mothers have the option to put their child up for adoption. 

How Do I Place My Child in Adoption while in the Military?

The Florida adoption process for military birth mothers is similar to the for non-military birth mothers. You must keep in mind the location when you plan your adoption process. If you are residing overseas right now but want to put your child up for adoption in your Florida residence, then you will have to schedule a departure from your military duties. Be aware of the rules and regulations of the military branch that you work for. It may vary. Make sure to schedule a leave of absence with the person in charge and communicate with our private adoption servicesAdoption Choices of Florida. Once everything is set up, prepare to depart back into your Florida residence and begin your adoption journey. 

What Types of Florida Adoption Choices are There?

First, you will begin by contacting Adoption Choices of Florida to get the basic step-by-step information about Florida adoptions and how to get started. Then, you will meet with your adoption specialist, and you will make decisions. You will also be viewing profiles of potential adoptive families based on the values, location, and kind of adoption type you choose. 

The three types of adoptions are closed, open, and semi-open adoption. Just to briefly explain each of these adoptions, closed adoption is when you choose not to find out any personal information about the adoptive family and vice versa. If you are private about your life or do not want them to know you are a military birth mother, it is your choice, and we respect that.

Open adoption is when the adoptive family will know your personal information that you are comfortable with sharing. For example, if you want to share that you work for the military, it will be shared. Any information about the adoptive family will also be granted for you to know. This will create an opportunity to bond and get to know them. With open adoption, communication such as video and phone calls, letters, pictures, and images are all acceptable. Anything can be arranged through Adoption Choices of Florida.

Lastly, semi-open adoption is a condensed version of open adoption. You can set boundaries and limits on what information gets shared and also communicate. You may not choose all forms of communication but, phone/video calls, letters, pictures, emails, and visits, are all on the table as options. 

What are Private Adoption Services Offered in Florida?

We provide financial support, housing, and counseling for birth mothers. If you are a military birth mother, you receive the same services. Suppose you need financial support geared towards the baby, maternity clothes, transportation, job placement, food, medical checkups, and more. Housing is another service we offer. You may not have proper residency suitable for taking care of yourself and raising the child until custody is relinquished. You want an environment that is best for yourself and the child. You may not have a home or arrangements, no worries. We will give you options for housing until you can find arrangements or go back to your original residence. 

Counseling is a free service we provide for all birth mothers. It is a lot to process. You may have many stories and experiences while in your military service. This is an opportunity to talk to a professional about these experiences, including this adoption process. 

What Adoption Agencies are Near Me?

Depending on the adoption type you chose (closed, open, semi-open), the location of these private agencies is important to consider. Wherever you live, do you want the adoptive family to be close or reside somewhere farther away? Adoption Choices of Florida private agencies are located in Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami with these questions in mind. We wish you luck in your adoption process and thank you for your military service. 

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678 or text us at 904-559-1251