Adoption Facilitators are Dangerous

Mar 7

Beware of Adoption Facilitators! Adoption facilitators, sometimes called “adoption consultants,” are unlicensed and unregulated companies…

Planned Parenthood vs. Florida Adoption Agency Near Me

Jan 29

Planned Parenthood vs. Florida Adoption Agency Near Me

2023 Adoption Tax Credit

Jan 8

2023 Adoption Tax Credit

Continued Connection and Relationships in an Open Adoption

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Open adoption provides birth parents, adoptive parents, and the child with the opportunity to establish…

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How Roe v. Wade Changed Adoption in Florida

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Five Misconceptions About Florida Birth Mothers

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Positive Adoption Language in the Adoption Process

Aug 10

By Laysha Macedo Language is a universal tool for communication, as well as connecting people…

Why is Adoption Considered A Taboo Subject in Florida? 

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By Nicole Cunningham Is Adoption taboo in Florida? It might still be a taboo subject…