Avoid DCFS & Foster Care by Choosing Private Adoption

Avoid DCFS & Foster Care by Choosing Private Adoption

An unplanned or unexpected pregnancy is never an easy thing to face. Through the complicated emotions you are experiencing, you may be searching for “adoption agencies near me.” Things may seem even more difficult if you have an active case with DCFS. However, even if DCFS is involved, adoption is still an option. 

You have the right to choose adoption even if you have other children in DCFS custody or foster care. Luckily, DCFS does not have to get involved in your current pregnancy. Private adoption is a choice that puts you in complete control. 

Your local adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Florida, is ready to assist you through every aspect of the adoption process. In this article, we will outline how you can place your infant for adoption even with an active DCFS case. 

If you are pregnant and seeking adoption help now, please, contact us here! Our staff is available 24/7 to provide any answers or guidance. 

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Understand Your Right to Choose Adoption

Creating an adoption plan is the safer choice for your child that does not involve state agencies such as DCFS. With private adoption services, you can make all the decisions for yourself and your baby.

For one, you have the right to an open adoption. Out of the three types of adoption, open adoption is the most common. The birth mother can benefit from maintaining a relationship with the adoptive family. 

The type of contact you may have varies from family to family. In an open adoption, you may meet with the family before the baby is born. After the adoption is finalized, you have the option to remain active in your child’s life. You may receive photos, videos, phone calls, or medical information. You may even visit regularly in person. 

Furthermore, when you choose an open adoption with an agency, you have the right to select the adoptive family. Adoption Choices of Florida will provide you with profiles of pre-screened families.

This gives you the opportunity to place your child in an environment you want to see them grow up in. Maybe you prefer the family to have a certain religion or value set. However you want your child’s future to look, there are many families and couples waiting to be matched. 

With DCFS involvement, these choices are no longer yours to make. It is important to understand the rights you have and contact an adoption agency early on to make an adoption plan. 

Benefits of a Florida Private Adoption Plan

At Adoption Choices of Florida, we offer resources to ensure you are well taken care of during the adoption process. The process is the same for every birth mother, regardless of if DCFS is already involved with your family. Any active cases will not affect your unborn baby.

Our agency is experienced in providing personalized care for birth mothers. Our adoption specialists give one-on-one adoption counseling for women during this emotionally difficult time. 

There is no fee for a birth mother to place a child for adoption. We also offer financial services to lessen the stress you may be feeling. Your adoption specialist can discuss this with you in more detail based on your individual needs. The budget you make with your adoption specialist may include coverage for transportation, groceries, and other expenses.

Placing your baby for adoption might seem daunting, especially during an unplanned pregnancy. However, choosing adoption means choosing a better life for your baby. An alternative to DCFS involvement ensures a safe, permanent home for your child. 

Adoption May Be the Choice for You

If you are pregnant and already struggling with a child in state custody or foster care, adoption is possible. By contacting an adoption agency near you, you are making a brave choice for your child’s future. 

A Florida adoption agency can provide the resources you need for a positive adoption experience. Contact us now to learn more about creating an adoption plan to help place your child with a forever family. 

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Content prepared by Sylvie Christen

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