Benefits of Open Adoption in Florida

April 7, 2021

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Benefits of Open Adoption in Florida

Written by Cynthia Knott

As a birth mother, you may want to know if you can still keep in touch with your baby after the adoption is finalized. The short answer is yes! With adoption agencies in Florida, you have adoption options which will allow you to keep in touch with your child and the adoptive family regularly. It may include texts, e-mails, phone calls, or visits. For birth mothers, adoptive parents and your child, there are many benefits to open adoption. Your relationship with your child does not have to end just because you chose adoption!

Adoption Choice of Florida will help you make an adoption plan that allows you to get to know your child and adoptive family. There are so many benefits of open adoption that we would love to explore with you. You, your adoptive parents and our adoption agency will work together to build a long-term relationship to ensure that your child lives the best life possible — and that you and the adoptive parents do as well!

Benefits of Open Adoption for Birth Mothers

As a birth mother, knowing how you can benefit from choosing an open adoption will help make the choice easier. Growing relationships with your child and adoptive family can help you feel good about all of your choices. You are appreciated and you deserve to benefit from your selfless choices!

  • Relationship with your child from the constant communication and time you put into getting to know your child. Your relationship will grow stronger over the years.
  • Reduced guilt as a result of the updates and constant contact with your adoptive family. An open adoption gives you the chance to be involved in your child’s future. Updates from the adoptive family can lessen any feelings of guilt associated with the decision to place your child for adoption.
  • Help with mourning due to the constant updates on your child’s well-being. After placement, you and your adoptive parents can send photos or arrange visit times. This can help you healthfully grieve, knowing your child is loved and well taken care of.
  • Sense of control from having the ability to select the adoptive parents for your child and your ability to determine when and how to stay in the future.
  • Reduce the uncertainty caused by interactions you have with your child and the adoptive family. You can choose to stay in contact in various ways, which will provide comfort and give you peace of mind.

You will benefit greatly from choosing and open adoption. Your well-being is of utmost importance and you will be able to thrive with constant communication with your adoptie family and child.

Benefits of Open Adoption for Adoptees 

As a birth mother, your child can benefit from having an open adoption. You simply being there may benefit your child in many ways now and in the future. Here are some other ways that open adoption can benefit your child:

  • Knowledge of their background through contact with you, your child can gain insights and ask questions about his or her roots and identity. In addition, knowing you can help your child to better understand their adoption story and give him or her the opportunity to ask any questions that may arise. 
  • Eliminate the want to search for biological parents. Having a relationship with you will rid of the constant curiosity and wondering.
  • Better mental health. Because the adoptee can have the opportunity to get to know you, this can promote positive mental health and a stronger sense of self. They can also develop  higher self-esteem, fewer behavior problems, more trust in their parents, and less sense of alienation.

Understanding the benefits your child can have from an open adoption will help you feel better about all of your adoption plan choices. 

Benefits of Open Adoption for Adoptive Parents 

Your adoptive parents are benefiting from the gift you are giving them. They are also able to benefit from having you there, because it is not always easy raising a child — especially when they don’t have any additional information to their disposal.

  • Knowledge of biological family history to allow for adoptees to understand where he or she came from. Although they will love their adoptive parents, being able to help them look into their biological history can help their self esteem.
  • Access to additional medical history means the adoptive parents can obtain any necessary information, such as medical or health history. They can also have detailed knowledge of birth parent characteristics. 
  • Sense of preparedness. According to studies, open adoption provides adoptive parents with a sense of preparedness. It gives them the opportunity to meet you, the birth mother, in the beginning stages of the adoption process, which better prepares them for life post placement.

You keeping contact with your adoptive parents will allow them to feel more confident and inspired. In the end, your adoptive family will feel relieved that this will help your child which is important.

Benefits of Open Adoption

Choosing open adoption brings many benefits to not only you, but also your child and the adoptive family. This is very helpful for you to answer questions, provide comfort and educate about your familial background. Along with that, you are able to learn about your child through the years which is something you will cherish!

Adoption Choices of Florida can help you create these long-lasting and beneficial relationships. The type of adoption you choose is an important part of your adoption plan, so knowing the benefits may help you choose. You deserve to make the choice and to reap all the benefits of whichever type you choose.

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption, and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678