Continued Connection and Relationships in an Open Adoption

Open adoption provides birth parents, adoptive parents, and the child with the opportunity to establish and maintain relationships. Birth parents can remain in contact with their child and witness their growth and development, easing their feelings of loss and maintaining a sense of connection.

Emotional Well-Being of the Child in an Open Adoption

Open adoption acknowledges the importance of a child’s understanding of their birth story and identity. By having access to information about their birth family and the opportunity to establish a relationship, the child’s emotional well-being can be positively influenced.

Improved Birth Parent Well-Being in an Open Adoption

Open adoption allows birth parents to have peace of mind, knowing that their child is being cared for and loved. This knowledge can alleviate feelings of guilt, depression, and anxiety that may arise from placing a baby for adoption. Additionally, open communication with the child can provide birth parents with a sense of closure and decrease the grieving process associated with adoption.

Enhanced Adoptive Family Dynamics in an Open Adoption

Open adoption creates a more inclusive and transparent environment for adoptive families. Adoptive parents can be reassured of the child’s health history and have access to important information about the birth family, enabling them to address any medical or genetic concerns. In addition, open adoption can help establish trust and understanding between birth parents and adoptive parents, fostering a supportive relationship that benefits the child.