Celebrating Father’s Day and Birth Father’s Day in an Adoption

June 19, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Celebrating Father’s Day and Birth Father’s Day in an Adoption

By Nicholas Rodinos

Birth fathers and adoptive fathers each serve key roles in the life of your child. The birth father is the biological father of your child, part of the reason your child exists. Instead, the adoptive father is responsible for legally adopting, raising, and providing a home for your child. It’s important to talk about birth fathers as they are an often-forgotten part of Father’s Day.

This is the reason Birth Father’s Day was created, as a way to honor birth fathers. The holiday is traditionally celebrated the Saturday before Father’s Day, for 2023 it is June 17th. Celebrating birth fathers is the purpose, especially those who could not raise the baby. Now we can discuss ways to pay respect to the birth and adoptive fathers for their sacrifices.

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Ways to Celebrate Birth Father‘s Day

Here are a few ways to celebrate birth fathers: provide a support system, talk about the adoption story, create distractions and activities.

Support System for Birth Fathers

Sometimes the best way to honor birth fathers is to give them the space they need. Some birth parents find it useful to talk about adoption, and how their child is doing. There will be pain during and after the adoption process, it helps to talk with loved ones and friends. It can be therapeutic to have loved ones listening to you as you cope with your child being gone. If loved ones are not available, contact a therapist who specializes in helping birth parents who’ve surrendered their children. It’s important to have a support network to assist through these rough times, many adoption agencies can provide one.

Talk about Adoption

This holiday and Birth Mother’s Day are an important part of admiring birth parents and their sacrifices. Birth parents do not receive enough respect and celebration, this holiday is designed to rectify that. It is beneficial to discuss your importance as birth parents, your experiences with adoption in Florida. Discussing your story eases the minds of other birth parents, especially those who’ve put their children up for adoption. If you want you can clear up preconceptions related to adoption, adoption agencies, the adoption process, or adoption planning. Raising awareness can be a useful distraction from any complicated emotions you might be feeling.

Distraction and Activities

Some birth fathers don’t want to be celebrated and it might be useful to create distractions. This day can be difficult and it’s fine to create a diversion from potent emotions if that’s what’s needed. Maybe you have some left-over work from your job, maybe you have plans with your friends or family. Make some fun for yourself by spending your time doing your favorite hobbies or finding a new hobby. If you have a list of activities you wish to finish, here’s your opportunity. Diversions can be useful, but it never hurts to talk with your support network in case of difficult emotions.

Ways to Celebrate Adoptive Fathers

Contact the Adoptive Father

Contacting the adoptive family eases the pain of surrendering a child and soothes uncertainty regarding the child’s wellbeing. Firstly, updates about your child’s welfare ease pain, but also gives you more insight into your child’s personality and interests. You can feel your child’s presence and love through the pictures, and videos the adoptive parents send. The love you feel is the result of you providing them with wonderful adoptive parents. Communicating with the adoptive father is simple depending on which adoption plan you and the birth father chose.

Spend a Day with the Adoptive Family

If possible, spending time with the adoptive family can help relieve some of the concerns about your child. Rewardingly, this plan requires communication and scheduling with the family of the adoptee. It is a wonderful way to spend time with your child and get to know them as a person. Time gives your child a chance to learn more about their birth and adoptive parents. This experience helps your child understand their origins, helps them understand and why you put them up for adoption. 

Creating Your Own Adoption Tradition

If thinking about your child causes you too much pain, then create a tradition to help you through it. Ultimately, you can celebrate the adoptive father however you please and you can create a new tradition. The tradition can be anything that pays respect to the adoptive parents, while still providing you with joy. Perhaps you want to do some charity work like volunteering at a soup kitchen, or an animal shelter. Some birth parents find gardening or planting trees to be therapeutic. Maybe you can go out and see a movie or stay at home and watch TV. 

The Beauty of Fatherhood in Adoption

There are many ways of celebrating the importance and beauty of all types of fatherhood. Birth Father’s Day is an opportunity to discuss the varieties of relationships parents and children have, including adoption. Honoring birth fathers can come in the form of helping them through grieving or raising awareness of birth parents. Adoptive families can be honored through contacting or spending time with them. Both birth fathers and adoptive fathers can be celebrated through creating your own traditions or distractions if necessary.

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