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Lakeland adoption is an option! If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy in or near Lakeland, Florida and considering adoption, we can help. Our professional, compassionate staff is available to offer you full support 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

Our adoption services in Florida strive to provide comprehensive assistance to both birth parents and adoptive families throughout the adoption process. Here is a more detailed explanation of the services we offer:

  • Financial Support: We understand that the financial aspect of adoption can be challenging for both birth parents and adoptive families. Therefore, we provide guidance on available financial resources such as adoption grants, loans, and assistance programs to help ease the financial burden.
  • Medical Care: Birth parents may have concerns about accessing prenatal care and ensuring a healthy pregnancy. We connect them with relevant medical resources, including clinics and doctors who specialize in adoption-related healthcare. Additionally, adoptive families receive guidance on obtaining suitable medical care for the child after the adoption is finalized.
  • Housing: For birth parents, we assist in finding safe and comfortable housing options during the pregnancy period. We work with local housing organizations to ensure birth parents have access to appropriate living arrangements that meet their needs. This support contributes to their overall well-being during the adoption journey.

  • Transportation Help: Birth parents and adoptive families may require transportation assistance for various reasons, whether it be attending medical appointments or visiting adoption agencies. We provide guidance and resources to help them navigate their transportation needs, ensuring they can reach their destinations conveniently and affordably.

  • Legal Support: Adoption processes involve legal formalities, paperwork, and understanding the intricacies of adoption laws in Florida. Our adoption services provide legal resources and guidance to both birth parents and adoptive families. We help them understand their rights, responsibilities, and obligations throughout the adoption process, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

  • Counseling: Adoption can be an emotional journey for both birth parents and adoptive families. We offer counseling services to provide emotional support, guidance, and assistance during this significant life transition. Our experienced counselors are available to offer support at every stage of the adoption process, addressing any concerns or anxieties that may arise.

Overall, our adoption services in Florida aim to provide comprehensive support to birth parents and adoptive families, addressing their various needs and ensuring a positive adoption experience for all involved parties.


Adoption Choices of Florida is a private, licensed, nonprofit domestic adoption agency. We have been helping expectant women and birth parents in Lakeland, Florida, and across the country for over 20 years. Pregnant and parenting isn’t an option? Lakeland adoption is an option!

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