Can I Find a Family for My Baby at Christmas Time?

December 20, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Can I Find a Family for My Baby at Christmas Time?

By Anabel Sierra 

As the holidays grow closer, the Christmas tree goes up, family members come to town, and the smell of festive baked goods fill the air. But with all the festivities and joy going around, the holidays can also be a time of stress and complicated emotions. If you are a birth mother who is pregnant or you have given birth recently and are thinking about adoption, then you are in the right place. Adoption Choices of Florida can help you ease the stress of searching for an adoptive family during the holidays. Our adoption center offers financial plans, various types of adoption you can participate in, and multiple ways to support you post-placement. 

How To Start The Adoption Process

You might be wondering how to start the adoption process. Adoption in Florida is actually simple as far as we’re concerned! You, as the birth parent, get to have full control of the process from the time you make the call to set up an appointment with one of our adoption counselors to the time of birth. 

These are the steps to take in order to make the adoption of your baby as stress-free as possible during the holidays: 

Step One: Set Up Your Appointment With Your Adoption Counselor

First, you’re going to want to give one of our Florida adoption agencies a call so that we can connect you with an experienced adoption counselor. They will then help you set up an adoption plan. We have agencies everywhere in Florida (yes, even the panhandle) and we can guarantee that you will be in a safe and judgment-free zone as we guide you on your adoption journey. If you feel that you might be too far from one of our agencies, don’t worry! We can come to you so that you can still have a face-to-face meeting, or we can meet virtually if that makes you more comfortable. 

Step Two: Decide Your Level of Adoption Openness

The next step is to decide what level of openness you wish to have for your adoption. You can choose from an open adoption, a semi-open adoption, or a closed adoption. 

An open adoption is where the birth parent and adoptive parents make an agreement to have a certain level of open communication and contact with each other. These types of adoptions are very common and can be at whatever level of comfort of the birth parent. You will exchange contacts health information, and if the birth mother wishes, she may remain in the child’s life after the placement. 

A semi-open adoption is like an open adoption but with a few more restrictions. This means that the birth parents can still be in contact with the adoptive families, but it is through a third party like the adoption agency or a lawyer. If you, as the birth mother, do not wish to be a part of the child’s life, but you still wish to know how they are doing from time to time, this is a great option. 

Finally, a closed adoption is where there is zero contact between the birth parent and adoptive family. While this level is not exactly as common as the other options, it is still available for both parties and could possibly be preferred due to personal circumstances or situations. An example of such a situation would be if the birth mother is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and wishes to put the baby up for adoption and move forward with her life. 

Step Three: Choose Your Adoptive Family 

Next is to choose your adoptive family! This step is probably the most fun in our opinion. You get to look through our list of awaiting families that you might feel would be the perfect fit for your baby. Just because it’s the holidays, does not mean that adoptive families are harder to come by. In fact, many adoptive families are more than willing to travel to one of our adoption agencies to complete their family. 

Step Four: Creating your Financial Assistance Plan 

Finally, you must create your financial plan. If you are worried about affording all of the expenses of the placement, prenatal care, and your hospital stay for when you give birth, you don’t need to stress out. We will help you every step of the way and make sure that all of your needs are taken care of as far as money goes. Your financial worries are valid and you can take a breath of relief with us.

Grant A Family’s Wish Through Adoption

Placing a baby for adoption doesn’t need to be something that you need to experience alone, especially during the holidays. If you are in the central Florida area, click this link so that you may see what adoption Tampa and adoption services in central Florida may offer. Adoption in Florida during Christmas time might seem scary, but it doesn’t need to be. Give us a call or visit one of our adoption centers today.