Celebrating Father’s Day and Birth Father’s Day

May 31, 2021

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Celebrating Father’s Day and Birth Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up, and you may be wondering how you can either celebrate your adoptive father or birth father. Either way, there are various ways you can include both and show your appreciation. There are so many ways to celebrate with your adoptive family. Having any father figure in your child’s life is very special, and they should be celebrated. Adoption Choices of Florida is ready to help you figure out the best way to celebrate Father’s Day. Whether in an open or semi-open adoption, there are various ways to make sure all of the male figures a part of your child’s life are celebrated. Birth and adoptive fathers are a big part of their child’s life and cannot be forgotten!

Ways to Celebrate Birth Father’s Day

Birth Father’s Day is the Saturday before Father’s Day. This allows for both adoptive and birth fathers to have a special day to celebrate them and their specific role in their child’s life. There are many ways to celebrate this special day.

  1. Start a tradition. There are so many things you can do with your birth father each year to celebrate. You can have something that you add to each year. Whether you add a photo to a photo album or write letters to add to a book that you can look at throughout the year.
  2. Go out somewhere. You can do things ranging from going out to dinner to going fishing each year. Just spending that quality time together can mean so much to everyone involved. Discuss what you all like to do, then you can all go plan to do it together.
  3. Talk about life and the adoption journey together. Something that your child will love to learn about is their adoption process. If they have their birth father in the picture, learning the process through his eyes will be special. Birth fathers sometimes get looked over, so being able to connect with and talk about experiences from his point of view will be interesting.

The options of how to celebrate birth fathers are endless. Birth fathers need to be reminded of how much they sacrificed for and how grateful everyone is of them. Small gestures on Birth Father’s Day can go a long way.

Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Your child will be grateful for their adoptive father just as much as you. He helps provide a nurturing environment, so he deserves a special day. He took on a very important role in your child’s life, and there are many ways to include your child in celebrating Father’s Day.

  1. Make something with your child. Working together as birth parents with your child on a gift for your adoptive family can mean a lot. Your relationship is unique and special. Your adoptive father will forever be grateful for you and will appreciate your time and effort with your child.
  2. Send a card or gift. You may not be able to get together for Father’s day but sending something to make sure your adoptive father knows you are thinking about and caring about him is special and easy to do.
  3. FaceTime or call. You may want to have a conversation with your adoptive father on Father’s Day. You can call him and talk about what they are doing today and let him know you are thinking about him. Just a quick phone call can mean so much to both you and your adoptive father. Your child will be happy to hear from you as well!

Knowing that you support your adoptive father is great reassurance that he might need once in a way. What better time to show your appreciation than on Father’s Day? He does so much for your child, so he deserves a day to himself to know he is loved and everyone is grateful for all that he does.

Celebrating Birth and Adoptive Fathers

It takes a village to raise a child, so making sure everyone involved knows they are loved and valued will be important. Not everyone can be a good father, and knowing that your adoptive and birth fathers take on their roles well is something to be grateful for. It is easy to focus more on the birth and adoptive mothers, but sometimes we need to focus on the fathers!

Adoption Choices of Florida greatly appreciates every male figure included in a child’s life. We want you to be able to celebrate all that are involved in your child’s life. There are many small ways to celebrate and show appreciation for your birth and adoptive fathers each year.

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