Celebrating the Holidays After Placing a Child for Adoption

December 22, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Celebrating the Holidays After Placing a Child for Adoption

By Sreevidya(Vidya)

The holidays are the best time to celebrate, express gratitude, and make memories with family and friends. But for birth parents, after placing a baby for adoption, this holiday season can bring back feelings of grief. You may feel sad about not spending the holiday with your child. Do not worry; you are not alone, adoption agencies in Florida are ready to help you. Adoption Choices of Florida offers many resources to manage these difficult emotions during the holiday season. 

Take Your Time to Grieve After Adoption

Sad and emotional feelings often resurface during holidays. Take some time to acknowledge how you feel and allow yourself alone time. There is nothing wrong. But take care not to immerse yourself in sorrow. Adoption in Tampa and adoption services offer support groups for birth parents. Here, you can connect with fellow birthmothers and share your feelings. You can also seek support from family or a close friend. Stay close to people who can understand what you are going through during the holiday season. The adoption process may feel stressful butand with the help of Adoption Choices of Florida, it is made easy. 

Remember the Reasons for Choosing Adoption in Florida

While you are sad about not spending the holidays with your baby, knowing they are surrounded by love and care may be helpful. Always remind yourself of the reasons you chose adoption in Florida in the first place. Your decision had such a positive and beautiful impact on another family. The adoptive family you chose may have waited for a long time to celebrate the holidays with a child of their own. You made it possible for them by choosing the adoption process. Your decision has given them joy every day and every holiday season from now on. So feel good about placing your baby for adoption and create a beautiful home for your child to spend the holidays with. 

Incorporate the Adoption Process into your Holiday Season

Facing an unplanned pregnancy may have been one of the reasons for your decision to choose adoption for your baby. You may have many questions regarding how to start the adoption process. Contact adoption agencies such as Adoption Choices of Florida that may help you with the adoption process at every step. You can choose from different types of adoption – open, closed, or semi-open. Depending on your adoption plan, you can decide the level of communication between you and the adoptive family. If you choose open adoption, you can have constant contact with your child and the adoptive family. You can stay in touch through phone calls, visit them or exchange pictures. Closed adoption is an option if you do not wish to stay in contact with the adoptive family and your child. Semi-open adoption offers some level of contact between the adoptive family like occasional phone calls or sending pictures during the holiday season. 

Celebrate this Holiday Season with Adoptive Parents

Consider contacting the adoptive family and discuss ways to fit into their plans to spend the holidays. You may host a dinner or decide on dishes to bring to a potluck. Adoption Choices of Florida offers open adoption where the birth family and the adoptive family are in contact to support the child best. Spending time together during holidays and enjoying the warm family traditions fosters a healthy atmosphere. Sometimes there may be times when you cannot meet in person during the holidays. Even if you choose not to meet the adoptive family, you may send a holiday greeting card. This can be sent via email or a social media message as well. Sending each other cards can be a new tradition between the two families. You may also start a gift or a cookie exchange tradition. 

Support Adoption and Celebrate the Holidays

Holidays are the toughest times to be alone. The adoption agencies assist you in every aspect, especially when you need support. You can speak to birth mothers who are in a similar situation as you in the support groups. You can also request the help of professional counseling after choosing adoption in Florida. Remember you are not alone.  Adoption Choices of Florida will assist you during the adoption process and support you after placing a baby for adoption. If you are a pregnant woman seeking adoption, celebrate this holiday season with Adoption Choices of Florida.