Choosing Open Adoption with Adoption Choices of Florida

April 1, 2024

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Choosing Open Adoption with Adoption Choices of Florida

By Eric Somarriba

If you’re currently pregnant and considering adoption, you have a great amount of decisions to make. First, there’s the choice of pursuing adoption. In the event you do decide on adoption, then there’s no shortage of other choices to make. Which adoption agencies should you work with, who should adopt your child, and what type of adoption to do? Among the adoption types you can decide on, open adoption is the most common choice we see birth mothers make. It allows you to still have a relationship with your child even if you’re not raising them directly. It has many advantages, but we’re not here to decide on that for you. Ultimately, you have to make that choice for yourself, and this article is here to help. We’ll discuss the qualities of adoption and the different types of it in order to properly inform you. Once you’re properly informed, we want you to decide on what’s best for yourself.

Adoption Choices of Florida is a licensed adoption agency dedicated to helping birth mothers with these many choices. We know it isn’t easy, but together, we can reach the best outcome for you and your child. Trust us to support you every step of the way. 

Should I Choose Adoption?

Adoption is a life-changing decision, and it often takes a lot of time to reach this decision. As an adoption agency we’re always advocating for this process, but we’re not here to try and influence your decision. What we will stress is that adoption is not a selfish decision, it’s the complete opposite. Adoption still has a taboo perception from some people who see it as no different from abandoning your baby. But in truth, when you choose adoption, you’re making a selfless choice all for your child. This could be an unplanned pregnancy, and you know you’re not ready to be a parent. With adoption, you’ll be able to know that you placed your child in a supportive home that’s ready for them. It’s not selfish to want two loving parents to raise your child with the proper financial resources. 

In addition, choosing adoption means you’ll still have the chance to pursue your goals. Whether your goals are academic, professional, or personal, you can still pursue them. It may feel selfish to think this when choosing adoption, but you shouldn’t worry. Your child’s life is important, but so is yours. If you know you’re not ready for parenthood or simply have no desire for it, then that’s okay. It’s okay to think about your own life and make the choice best for both you and your child. If you want more information, don’t be afraid to contact any of the Florida adoption agencies. It doesn’t mean you’re locked into working with them. You can ask for more information to make your choice.

What is Open Adoption?

If you’ve chosen adoption, then one of the most important choices to make is the type of adoption. There are three primary types of adoption to choose from: open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption. Open adoption means you’ll have some kind of contact with your child and their adoptive family throughout their life. Semi-open is similar but will have more boundaries set. Closed adoption means you’ll have no contact at all with your child and the family.

With open adoption, contact can come in multiple ways. It could be letters, phone/video calls, or in-person visits. These are aspects that you discuss with the adoptive family you choose in your adoption plan. Both parties will need to decide on what’s comfortable for them. 

Should I Choose Open Adoption?

Just like above, this decision must come from you and what you feel is best. Each Florida adoption type has their own advantages and disadvantages. What those exactly are can also change from person to person. 

The primary advantage seen in open adoption is the relationship you can still have with your child. Maybe you do want to raise them but know you don’t have the necessary resources. Open adoption can take the strain of raising a child away while letting you see them grow. Many birth mothers feel guilt or other negative emotions after adopting their child. Open adoption may not entirely prevent those emotions, but seeing your child’s new life can lessen the strain.

The disadvantages of open adoption can stem from potential disagreements with the adoptive family. In your adoption plan, you create the ideal profile of the family you want to adopt your child. It’s the agency’s job to try and find a family that matches, but it may not be perfect. Whichever family you choose may not line up perfectly with your ideal, and any other disagreements can occur later. This can affect your relationship with them and your child, and it’s understandable to worry. This is one of the most important parts of the adoption process to get right, and some find it risky. But if you still want a connection with your child, it may be a necessary risk.

No adoption type is the objectively correct choice. The choice that is right is what you feel is best for you and your child. Whether your adoption is open or closed, we want you to have faith in your decision.

Open Adoption with Adoption Choices of Florida

We hope this article gave you useful information so you can make more informed choices. Whether it’s choosing adoption at all, or what type to go with, we want you to make your best choice. Whatever you decide is entirely valid, regardless of what anyone else says. Open adoption can allow you to still form a relationship with your child and be a part of their life. It may be the perfect choice for you, or another route is best. No matter your choice, remember that it’s a selfless choice born out of love for your child.

If you’re currently considering your adoption options, contact us right away. We can offer our adoption services to support you throughout your pregnancy and the adoption process. Our agency is ready to help with your adoption in Jacksonville or other Florida areas. Trust us to reach the best outcome for everyone involved.