Coordinating Post-Placement Communication and Visits in an Open Adoption

April 22, 2024

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Coordinating Post-Placement Communication and Visits in an Open Adoption

By Brett Byll

If you are a birth mother figuring out what to do after an unplanned pregnancy in Jacksonville FL, you may be considering adoption. Adoption Choices of Florida is a smart choice that offers plenty of care and resources. Once you know how to put your baby up for adoption, you will have many options available to you. This includes, but is not limited to, an open adoption. Other adoption choices are semi-open and closed adoptions.

Open adoptions are the most common choices of adoptions chosen by birth parents. So many birth parents prefer open adoptions because of the freedom to communicate that the option gives. Birth parents who are considering adoption in Florida and choose an open adoption will be able to schedule visits. It is important that you and the adoptive family think of successful ways to stay in touch with one another. You do not have to do this alone. If you need any adoption help, then contact Adoption Choices of Florida and ask one of our adoption specialists for anything.

The professionals at Adoption Choices of Florida can assist you in deciding on the right adoption plan and help you find resources like shelter and financial aid. Adoption agencies are here to help you understand all the ways to make this process easier for you, including learning the best ways to communicate in an open adoption. 

How Open Adoption Can Work for You

There is a chance you’re still deciding on an adoption plan and making sure open adoption is the right option for you. In that case, this is a great opportunity to review the reasons why this is a great decision. Compared to closed adoptions, open adoptions are often for people who want more choices in the future. Closed adoptions are limiting because they cut off contact as soon as the adoption process is completed. Open adoptions allow parents to reach out and communicate. In addition, open adoptions allow the adoptive child to contact their birth parents.

Being able to communicate with birth parents is important for many reasons. If the child decides that they want to learn more about their birth family, then having that option is great. If the child is facing serious medical issues and information about their genetic history could help, that option will be available. Open adoption prioritizes the needs of every involved party by giving them a choice. This improves the well-being of the child, birth parents, and adoptive family.

Communication in an Open Adoption

There are many different ways to keep in touch during and after the process of a placement. Figuring out which way is best for you will make staying in contact as smooth as possible. If you communicate best through audio and video, you will be able to arrange phone calls and video chats. This is a way for communication to stay lively and casual. You can also choose emailing or letters if it’s more convenient or you prefer a level of privacy. 

If you have decided that you want an in-person relationship, you can schedule post-placement visits with the child. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you schedule a post-placement visit. Keep track of your schedule and make sure you treat the adoptive family’s schedule with the same attention. The frequency and duration of each visit should be an agreement that the birth parent and adoptive family come to. Keep your expectations realistic to allow for some flexibility when planning for post-placement visits. This way, there’s no added stress during these visits and you can make the most of the time you have agreed to.

If you need help with post-placement communication and planning, can adoption agencies in Florida help you? Reach out to Adoption Choices of Florida, and the agency and its adoption specialists will help.

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Figuring out the best process for adoption in Florida can be overwhelming. There are plenty of different choices you can make, and it’s important to consider all your options. Adoption Choices of Florida will help you through the tough parts so you can focus on figuring out the rest. This includes things like understanding what method of communication is best for yourself and the adoptive family. This also means paying attention to the details of your visits, so you know what to expect. For help figuring these details out or with any of the adoption processes, contact Adoption Choices of Florida. The agency is available through social media, a phone call, text, or email. If you use the agency’s website, you can find all of these options. If you reach out to Adoption Choices of Florida, the agency can help you find shelter, clothes, financial support, and more.  The agency is here to help you. Contact Adoption Choices of Florida today.