Counseling After Putting a Baby for Adoption

November 30, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Counseling After Putting a Baby for Adoption

By Amber Godin

Deciding on adoption is an emotional choice for birth mothers. During the adoption process, birth mothers may feel self-doubt or worry that they made the wrong decision. Our agency is here to support mothers who need reassurance and a listening ear. We want to remind you that life continues after adoption.

When you search for adoption in Tampa and adoption services, you will find our agency located in Jacksonville and Tampa. We offer supportive counseling for birth mothers during and after adoption. At Adoption Choices of Florida, we specialize in providing birth mothers with the best quality care. This care continues even post-adoption, as we know that placing a baby for adoption is not easy. We provide compassionate care to help you learn that child adoption is also a responsible and respectable choice.

Support for Birth Mothers During the Adoption Process

During the creation of your adoption plan, you may be affected by others’ strong opinions about adoption. You may not have support from family. Or you might feel conflicted or guilty inside for choosing adoption for your baby. Our adoption agencies in Tampa and Jacksonville provide you with supportive counseling that truly listens and cares. We understand that having someone to talk to is a crucial part of the adoption process. That is why our adoption counselors offer no-judgment listening ears without trying to change your mind. Instead, we are available to help you through difficult feelings or thoughts about this personal choice of adoption. Because there are many positives to adoption, or benefits, we help birth mothers learn these benefits to gain confidence.

Learning the Benefits of Child Adoption  

We understand that you may have had an unplanned pregnancy and are not ready to raise a child. Or you do not want a child. Our counselors have worked with birth mothers in situations like yours. That is why we are specialized in helping you learn all the benefits of adoption. This includes financial assistance both during and after post-placement of your child. In Particular, you are learning that adoption is a responsible, loving choice for your baby. That also cares for your wellbeing when you work with our adoption professionals.

During your adoption plan you choose how your journey will go and ensure your baby has a bright future. Preferences for adoptive parents and how much contact or openness you wish to maintain are all up to you. This gives you a sense of control and gives you peace of mind. Because through adoption, birth mothers are provided financial assistance, to ensure all your basic needs are met. Our legal professionals help you negotiate for all your needs. These include a safe place to stay, food security, and other bills and expenses. We include prenatal and medical care, and transportation. You are able to continue education or career interests, knowing your baby will have a supportive loving adoptive family.

Birth mothers learn that adoption is rooted in your child’s best interest, so you learn to feel positive about placing your baby for adoption. That adoption with our agency is about feeling empowered and good about being actively involved. Because you are creating an adoption plan that is personalized. You are guaranteeing your baby will be in a loving home that aligns with your values. And knowing that the adoptive parents will provide for all their needs. This is why you can learn to be accepting of your decision during the adoption process when you work with our adoption agencies.

Accepting Your Choice of Adoption After Finalizing

Because we are a private Florida adoption agency, we are fully committed to helping birth mothers. We offer the most compassionate, transparent, and high-quality staff that ensures you have a positive journey with us. Not just during but after your adoption finalizes. After the adoption of your baby has been finalized, you need support, especially when experiencing distressing feelings post-placement. You may feel grief, worry, or other feelings of self-doubt after you finalize adoption. That is why  Adoption Choices of Florida offers a team dedicated to post-placement support. We help birth mothers like you in need of emotional support at no expense. 

You Control Your Post-Placement Adoption Plan

We understand that you may not be ready immediately. Everyone is different in processing their adoption journey post-placement. You can call at any point post-placement or after adoption has been finalized. We are always available and ready to listen, offer our support, and listen to you. You also learn that you can choose to communicate with the adoptive family post-placement. This way, you can choose either open adoption or semi-open adoption to check in with your child’s life.

You can have visitation rights or phone calls, depending on the plan you choose. But you can also opt for a closed adoption if you choose to remain anonymous. Just know that your choice of adoption is just that, your choice. And it is your right and responsibility to decide what is in both your and your baby’s best interests. You don’t need to feel guilty or embarrassed about your decision to adopt, especially after finalizing, because you are giving your baby a loving home and opportunity for a future. You are also assessing your own situation and may decide on a family later.

If you feel your life is at a halt because you opted for adoption this time. Or that you can’t create a family in the future. We offer supportive counseling and adoption support group resources that help you reframe child adoption as positive. Not something that ends your ability or right to have a family later on or when you feel ready. Rather, see adoption as an alternative to the termination of an unplanned pregnancy and give your child a loving home instead. It is a responsible and respectable decision that educates and empowers birth mothers to take control of their lives. It is ultimately about still caring for their baby’s own when you choose adoption in Florida.

Adoption Choices of Florida is Here for You

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Adoption Choices of Florida. Our team of adoption specialists, including support counselors, is always ready to hear from you. We offer resources for birth mothers struggling with their decisions during the adoption process. These include adoption support groups and post-placement counseling at no cost and always available!