Who Will Help Me Create an Adoption Plan in Florida?

March 14, 2022

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Who Will Help Me Create an Adoption Plan in Florida?

By Gabrielle Maya

If you are ready to begin your adoption process in the state of Florida, we at Adoption Choices of Florida thank you for choosing us. We are here to help guide you and answer your adoption questions. Adoption may seem intimidating, complex, and even scary. We assure you that we will make things easy and simple. One of the first things to get started on is an adoption plan. To find out more, read on. 

What is a Florida State Adoption Plan?

An adoption plan is when you decide on the adoption type and which adoptive family meets all your preferences. 

Adoption types are: 

  • Open Adoption: is when you want to have a personal relationship with the adoptive family and include consistent communication. Forms of contact include in-person visits, video, and phone calls, letters, and emails that include pictures. If you are striving to have a close relationship with your child in the future, then this is the type you should choose.
  • Closed Adoption: if you prefer not to have any form of personal or communication with the adoptive family or your child, then this is the type for you. No personal information will be exchanged between the two parties. 
  • Semi-Open Adoption: is when you don’t necessarily want to have a personal relationship with your chosen adoptive family. You want to set boundaries with the adoptive family and only want updates on your child’s upbringing. The forms of communication include video and phone calls, letters, and emails that include pictures. All of these contacts can be mediated by the adoption specialist. You have control over the boundaries and consistency of communication.

When choosing an adoptive family candidate, you will receive a list of profiles based on your chosen preferences. Some preference examples are the adoptive family’s location, their upbringing process, if they have other adopted children, do they have a similar religion, different or none at all, what cultural and ethnic background they are, if they have similar morals and values. Considering all these aspects will help narrow down the right choice for you. 

Who Will Help Me Create an Adoption Plan?

Remember, you have the final say in every decision of this entire adoption process. Your adoption specialist is the one who will assist you in making those decisions through Adoption Choices of Florida. They will answer your questions and explain the process. An adoption specialist will help with the adoption plan. Once that step of the process is complete, they will mention the services we provide. 

What Are The FL Adoption Services?

Adoption Choices of Florida provides several services that are needed during the adoption process. Whether you have certain things figured out, these services are here if you need them, and we can help you apply for them and see if you are eligible. We always have a list of opportunities that fit into your circumstance. 

Financial and Medical Aid

We offer financial aid if you have some financial trouble and need some stability. Financial assistance can be used for medical expenses regarding the adoption. We also can pay rent, phone bills, transportation, groceries, and other important expenses. The adoptive family can also help pay for those expenses. We understand this is an unexpected pregnancy, so you may not have extra finances on the side. We assure you that we want to make this process as easy as possible. 

Medical Checkups 

Whether or not you have medical insurance from a medical doctor, we offer our medical services. We can provide a list of potential doctors you can trust who understands what you are going through. Once you have chosen a doctor, your adoption specialist can help you set up consistent appointments. Our priority at Adoption Choices of Florida is to make sure you and the baby are healthy. 

Job Placement services

Whether you have a job or not, we want to have this service as an opportunity to send in your resume or learn some basic entry-level or associate skills for a job near you. We want to help match you up to a qualifying job opportunity based on your skill level and what you want to do. We take into account and give you applicable opportunities to choose from. 


If eligible, we offer housing as an option. You may not have a home, you could be living with multiple people, or don’t feel safe or have enough space. Whichever reason fits you. We offer options of housing near you while you are in the adoption process. Once your adoption is complete, we let you have a few months to sort your life and find your own permanent place. 

Free Counseling

This entire process and the unexpected pregnancy is an overwhelming situation that you may not accept, grasp or acknowledge. You may feel different emotions and feelings, all of which are valid. We can provide counseling to help you sort through what you are thinking about. We provide one on one sessions and group therapy. There is no timeline when it comes to mental health and wellness. You can use our services post-placement or during your adoption process. We care about your navigation after this adoption is complete. We want you to feel that you have learned how to cope and accept the adoption process. It will take time, but it’s at your pace. 

Birth Plan

When meeting with your doctor regularly, you both will thoroughly discuss the birth arrangement. Some questions you must consider are the location of the birth. If you require pain relief medication, you may want to have a c section or a natural birth, and who will be in the delivery room. Once you have answered these questions and consulted your doctor, your adoption specialist and doctor will arrange it so you’ll feel safe and comfortable when you give birth. 

Adoption Choices of Florida is Here for You!

Adoption Choices of Florida is an adoption agency in Florida that is here for you. We want to help every woman with her unexpected pregnancy. We are here to follow your decisions while providing guidance and easy, simple steps. With every adoption, we are able to provide a loving home for your child. With your adoption specialist helping you create your plan, you will be able to have the adoption you have envisioned.