Dating After Adoption – How to Talk About Adoption in Florida

August 4, 2022

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Dating After Adoption – How to Talk About Adoption in Florida

By Alex Reza

Dating after adoption can be a bit intimidating, as you may wonder how to bring up the subject where you placed your baby for adoption. You may be hesitant because you do not want to be judged, and let’s face it, it’s a complicated subject to discuss when you are in a new relationship. It is important to clearly understand how and when to talk to your new partner about your baby’s adoption. You don’t want to do it right away, but once you each develop a feeling of trust, it may be appropriate to broach the subject. Starting a great relationship after the adoption is more common than you may realize.

If you need guidance on what to say to your partner, then we are here to help you. Adoption Choices of Florida is here to lessen the anxiety you may be feeling about how your partner will react to the fact that you gave up your baby for adoption

Adoption Choices of Florida is a licensed, child-placing agency that serves women facing an unplanned pregnancy. If you are a birth mother who has decided to jump back into the dating scene and are wondering how and when you should let your partner know that you adopted your baby, please click on this link. An adoption professional will answer your questions and concerns: adoption agencies in Florida

Does my partner have to know about the adoption? 

We understand that talking to your partner about your adoption can create feelings of anxiety and nervousness. However, you know the saying, “honesty is the best policy,” and this is very true in the case of adoption. You make the right choice by discussing the adoption process with your partner. If you are going to have a committed relationship built on trust, then you need to tell your partner about this important part of your life. If you keep it a secret and your partner finds out, that could create a lack of trust in your relationship. It might be helpful to discuss the different types of adoption with your partner, especially if you have chosen an open adoption. You can explain that your child will always be in your life with this type of adoption. 

How should I tell my partner that I gave my baby up for adoption? 

Deciding on the timing of this important conversation can be confusing, and really the timing depends on your individual circumstances. If you feel like you can have these conversations sooner rather than later, that will help establish trust, which is an essential component of a healthy relationship. While you may not want to discuss your adoption on the first date, it is best to do it sooner versus later. It is important not to feel pressured for time. However, if you wait too long, your partner may think you’re not being completely honest about your past. A good way to make the conversation easier is to plan out what you would want to say beforehand so your message to your partner is clear, specific, and honest.

Understand that your partner may be surprised, and they are likely going to have questions and concerns. It is important to be as positive as you can be when you are explaining the adoption process. If your partner knows little about how adoption works, then it might be helpful to review your adoption plan and to discuss why you chose adoption as a single parent. Adoption agencies in Florida have professionals that can provide you with guidance as to how to approach this very important conversation. 

How do I know if the discussions between my partner and I went well? 

More than likely, your partner is going to be supportive of the decision you made to adopt out your baby. However, if your partner does not have a favorable opinion of your decision, then that could be a major red flag for your relationship. This is particularly important if one of the adoption options you chose was an open adoption. Your partner needs to feel comfortable that your child will be in your life in some way, and they need to accept this. Hopefully, your partner will come to understand that you made a selfless decision, and they will be supportive. However, regardless of their reaction, it is important for you to give your partner time to process the information that you have told them. 

We at Adoption Choices of Florida are here to support you 

It is understandable to feel nervous about the effect that an adoption conversation will have on your new relationship. However, we want to assure you that starting a healthy and strong relationship after you have placed your baby for adoption is possible. Because you have made this important decision, your partner may come to respect your very positive qualities, such as being selfless, strong, caring, and courageous. These are qualities that your partner not only needs to recognize, but they can also help to create a more positive and successful relationship.

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678 or text us at 904-559-1251