Can I Have A Family After Placing A Baby For Adoption?

By Tabitha Robbins

If you have previously gone through the adoption process, you’re probably wondering if you can still have your own family someday. Most birth mothers (such as yourself) are faced with a guilty conscience when they decide to place a baby for adoption; or when they decide you’re now ready to start a family. Here at Adoption Choices Of Florida, we want to reassure you there’s nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about. That you can still have a family of your own, no matter the adoption options you choose while going through the adoption process in Florida. We understand and remain open-minded to the reasons you had to adopt out your baby. Let us inform you how it’s possible to have a family after choosing adoption.

Reasons Why You Chose To Adopt Out Your Baby

Let’s start with the many possible reasons you chose adoption agencies in Florida. When looking for a local adoption agency or adoption center, you sought help for an unplanned pregnancy. You weren’t ready to be a parent yet, which isn’t something to feel bad about. When you decide to give up your baby for adoption, you do so out of love for what is best for your child. More possible reasons you chose to adopt out your baby could have been:

  • Not financially stable enough or don’t have any income.
  • Don’t have a stable environment to raise a child in.
  • Too young to raise a child on your own.
  • Don’t have any support from others (EX: family, friends, or the birth father).
  • Currently homeless
  • In an abusive relationship, and feel like your child wouldn’t be safe.
  • Simply not ready to start a family.

A Birth Mother’s Guilty Conscience

Whatever your reason was, it was a valid reason. Stop feeling like you failed as a mother when that isn’t true. Your choosing adoption has not only made an adoptive family happy but also your child. They thrive and grow in a safe home full of love and support. Don’t forget it’s the adoptive family you got to choose for your child. So, you should remember that they have the best, most successful life possible because of your choice. There is no need to have a guilty conscience when a decision is made out of love. You and your child deserve to have what is best, so you can prosper in life.

It’s Possible To Have A Family After Placing a Baby for Adoption

In Florida, a mother has legal custody the moment the child is born. This means no one can force you to place your baby with a family or any adoption agencies in Florida (or anywhere). Therefore, you shouldn’t have any worries when starting your own family when you feel ready.

We at Adoption Choices of Florida will stay in touch with you even when your adoption journey ends. Our agency gives you support not only during pregnancy but also after pregnancy. Always making sure to provide you with answers to the information you seek 24/7, including weekends. Our adoption team is not only experienced; we are caring, kind, and supportive. We can provide adoption counselors ready to help you when you need or want it.

Counseling gives you the chance to express how you feel without judgment. This can be an emotional process but can help guide you to proper healing. Letting you release the feelings of possible guilt or shame you might feel. Remember, choosing adoption is not giving up or something to feel bad about. Choosing adoption takes lots of bravery and courage. It comes from a place of love. You should be proud of yourself for doing what you believed was best for your child. You shouldn’t let it stop you from starting a family whenever you become ready. Don’t be afraid to give us a call, text, or even visit more of our website. For more information on this topic or any others you’re curious about, our number is listed below, along with a link to the homepage of our website.

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678 or text us at 904-559-1251