FAQs about Open Adoption in Florida

April 28, 2021

By Adoption Choices of Florida

FAQs about Open Adoption in Florida

Written by Cynthia Knott

You have heard that open adoption is the preferred option among birth parents. But, why is that? What makes open adoption so popular? What even is open adoption? How is it beneficial? 

These are all amazing questions — many of which you may find yourself asking as you research adoption. Perhaps when you begin the Florida adoption process as well. After all, there are many aspects of your adoption plan to research. Choosing the type of adoption is one of the most important. 

Open adoption looks different for each birth mother, so don’t worry about making yours look like anything in particular. Creating an adoption plan specific to your needs is what matters. Before you decide on which type of adoption, Adoption Choices of Florida is here to share a few FAQs about open adoption with you.

What is Open Adoption?

In open adoption, you and your adoptive parents can keep in touch during pregnancy and after birth. Every adoption plan is different, so this may mean sharing photos, phone calls, text messages, and visits. How you want to stay in contact and will be discussed with your adoption caseworker and adoptive family before the adoption is finalized. Through this, you, your child and the adoptive parents will be able to build a meaningful relationship for many years. 

Why is Open Adoption the Preferred Option?

Whie making your adoption plan, you are able to choose the adoptive family. You are in full control of choosing the adoptive family who you will be able to get to know over the years. You can choose how you want to stay in contact. The ability to grow with your child and adoptive family is something many birth mothers love about their adoption plan.

How can Open Adoption Benefit Me, My Child and the Adoptive Parents?

1. Benefits for You, the Birth Mother

As a birth mother, knowing how you can benefit from choosing an open adoption will help make the choice easier. Growing relationships with your child and adoptive family can help you feel good about all of your choices. You are appreciated and you deserve to benefit from your selfless choices!

  • Relationship with your child from the constant communication and time you put into getting to know your child. Your relationship will grow stronger over the years.
  • Reduced guilt as a result of the updates and constant contact with your adoptive family. An open adoption gives you the chance to be involved in your child’s future. Updates from the adoptive family can lessen any feelings of guilt associated with the decision to place your child for adoption.
  • Help with mourning due to the constant updates on your child’s well-being. After placement, you and your adoptive parents can send photos or arrange visit times. This can help you healthfully grieve, knowing your child is loved and well taken care of.
  • Sense of control from having the ability to select the adoptive parents for your child and your ability to determine when and how to stay in the future.
  • Reduce the uncertainty caused by interactions you have with your child and the adoptive family. You can choose to stay in contact in various ways, which will provide comfort and give you peace of mind.

You will benefit greatly from choosing and open adoption. Your well-being is of utmost importance and you will be able to thrive with constant communication with your adoptie family and child.

2. Benefits for Your Child  

As a birth mother, your child can benefit from having an open adoption. You simply being there may benefit your child in many ways now and in the future. Here are some other ways that open adoption can benefit your child:

  • Knowledge of their background through contact with you, your child can gain insights and ask questions about his or her roots and identity. In addition, knowing you can help your child to better understand their adoption story and give him or her the opportunity to ask any questions that may arise. 
  • Eliminate the want to search for biological parents. Having a relationship with you will rid of the constant curiosity and wondering.
  • Better mental health. Because the adoptee can have the opportunity to get to know you, this can promote positive mental health and a stronger sense of self. They can also develop  higher self-esteem, fewer behavior problems, more trust in their parents, and less sense of alienation.

Understanding the benefits your child can have from an open adoption will help you feel better about all of your adoption plan choices.

3. Benefits for Adoptive Parents 

Your adoptive parents are benefiting from the gift you are giving them. They are also able to benefit from having you there, because it is not always easy raising a child — especially when they don’t have any additional information to their disposal.

  • Knowledge of biological family history to allow for adoptees to understand where he or she came from. Although they will love their adoptive parents, being able to help them look into their biological history can help their self esteem.
  • Access to additional medical history means the adoptive parents can obtain any necessary information, such as medical or health history. They can also have detailed knowledge of birth parent characteristics. 
  • Sense of preparedness. According to studies, open adoption provides adoptive parents with a sense of preparedness. It gives them the opportunity to meet you, the birth mother, in the beginning stages of the adoption process, which better prepares them for life post placement.

You keeping contact with your adoptive parents will allow them to feel more confident and inspired. In the end, your adoptive family will feel relieved that this will help your child which is important.

How do I Choose the Adoptive Family in an Open Adoption?

Choosing an adoptive family is important for any type of adoption. But now, since you will continue to communicate, you will want to be able to maintain a good relationship. Before choosing open adoption, giving some thought to exactly what you will want will be beneficial. There are few steps to take to make the process of choosing your adoptive family. This list may include:

  • Picture Your Ideal Adoptive family

There are many hopeful families looking to adopt, but you can only choose one for your child. One way to start narrowing down the adoptive families is to picture what kind of life you want your child to live. List the attributes you would like for the adoptive parents to have. Do you want them to be local? Have a high level of education? Have interesting hobbies? Have a specific career? Have other children or pets?  The list is endless, but picking a few that are most important to you will help you determine who is the best fit at the end of the day.

If you get stuck or overwhelmed, be sure to consult with your adoption caseworker. They can ask you questions and help you determine the most important aspects for your child’s adoptive family. This will also help you feel more confident in your decision, which is very important.

  • Take Your Time Choosing an Adoptive Family

Selecting how you want to raise your child is an important decision, so remember to take your time. There is no rush. Remember that your adoption caseworker is there to help you, if you need extra support or advice.

  • Go with Your First Instinct

Don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith. You may come across an adoptive family and initially think that they are a good fit, or you may keep going back to them. It’s important to listen to what your gut is saying. If there’s something about a particular adoptive family that catches your eye, talk to your adoption caseworker. Tell them what stands out from the adoptive parent profile and why you are interested in this couple or individual specifically. There is no rush. Take as much time as you need. Remember that your adoption caseworker is there to help you, if you need extra support or advice.

There is a reason you have a gut feeling about them. Listen to that. 

  • Meet and Interview the Adoptive Family

Once you’ve narrowed down the selection to a prospective adoptive family, consult with your adoption caseworker about how to dive deeper. Your adoption caseworker will arrange a meeting with the adoptive family via phone or in person. When it comes time for you to meet the adoptive parents, remember that feeling anxious and nervous is completely natural. 

FAQs about Open Adoption 

Open adoption is a great choice for many birth mothers. As technology makes communication easier, and for many reasons, open adoption is becoming more and more popular. Knowing that open adoption is flexible to your wishes may make it easier to include in your adoption plan.

Adoption Choices of Florida invites you to discuss how to include an open adoption in your adoption plan. You should never feel like you are doing this alone. Your future relationship with your child and adoptive parents is important to us. We are here to help you in any way we can.

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption, and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678