Fears About Giving up a Baby for Adoption in Florida

By David Seamonson

Fear, that is one of the first feelings that birth mothers feel when they have no idea what to do with an unplanned pregnancy. Unplanned pregnancies are difficult to deal with, and there does not seem to be a good option. You could place your baby for adoption, but people might think you are a bad person because of it. You might be worried about how it will affect you later in life. As a birth mother you might be worried about what kind of people can adopt your baby and if they will be a good fit for your child:

  1. Take a deep breath. You are safe.
  2. You are not alone.
  3. Know that there are people available to help you and that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Fears About Giving Up a Baby for Adoption

1. As a birth mother, I have nowhere else to go

The fact that your decision led you here is a blessing. Adoption can save you many different heartaches and can lead you and your baby to a new future. There are many adoption agencies in Florida, and each one has your concerns in mind. However, this is not the end of the road for you if you thought you had to set aside everything to raise a baby because adoption gives you and your baby another chance. It allows for you to return to life as you know it without the financial burden of raising a child, it brings a family that may have lost hope in raising a child the chance to do just that, and it gives the baby a loving family that will love and cares for them as if it were their own.

2. Does adoption make me a bad person?

No, adoption does not make you a bad person. Adoption is for anyone from any walk of life that needs help because of an unplanned pregnancy, and adoption agencies in Florida are here to assist you in this time of need. When you are placing your baby up for adoption, you are thinking of what caused you to get to this point, what it would mean for you to raise the child and how they would think of you. If you are placing them in the hands of someone who will love them like they are their own child, then how can that make you a bad person.

3. My child will hate me for placing them up for adoption

Why would your baby hate you? They have no reason to. If you are going through a difficult time and need help, you had to do what you had to do. Your child will understand the reasons as they grow older because as they do, they will be able to see what could have caused you to do what you did. Adoption allows for a second chance, so why would your child hate you for putting their needs ahead of yours? That is what a mother would do in nearly any circumstance, so there is no reason for a baby to hate you for an adoption decision.

4. I have doubts about choosing adoption

Adoption is a great choice, but only you get to decide if it is the right choice or not. To make the decision easier, there are three adoption options that you can choose from to help put your mind at ease. While you may be putting a baby up for adoption, and it may seem like the end of the world, stop and think about what this can do for you and others. If you are uncertain that you can properly raise a child, wouldn’t it be right to have another person raise them so they can be happy?

Having adoption as an option is a great choice to support yourself and your family. An adoption is a great option if this pregnancy is unplanned and you don’t know what to do. Again, only you can determine if it is the right option, but adoption agencies in Florida will support you each step.

5. What will happen to me after adoption

Based on your adoption plan and the adoption choices you chose at the beginning of the adoption process, you will follow it to the end. Within the adoption plan, options allow you to maintain contact with your child as they grow up, which can help you after the adoption.

The hope is that after the adoption is complete that you can return to a normal life where you can move on. The fact that a child that you created and is now someone else’s child will live with you for the rest of your life, but the reality is that it gives you the ability to move on.

How Adoption Choices Can Help You with Your Adoption Fears

In adoption, there are many fears that could be running through your head, and we might not have answered them here, but regardless, at Adoption Choices of Florida, we are here to provide assistance and support for this process. Adoption is a great choice for your child and can help you get back on your feet. Moving on is difficult, but it does not always have to be the end with your child.

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678 or text us at 904-559-1251