4 Fears Birth Mothers Have about Open Adoption 

July 4, 2024

By Adoption Choices of Florida

4 Fears Birth Mothers Have about Open Adoption 

By Patricia Arce

An unplanned pregnancy can be a scary time in your life. At Adoption Choices of Florida, we want to make that experience easier.  You might be considering adoption, but you may also have reservations about all your pregnancy options. The most common adoption in Jacksonville is open adoption. Open adoption allows for ongoing contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family after the finalized adoption process. It is a wonderful adoption option for birth mothers. However, there are a lot of misconceptions that can lead to anxiety and hesitation.

4 Open Adoption Misconceptions

It is natural to have reservations and anxieties when working through the adoption process. Adoption in Florida is unique because adoption agencies are here to help you understand the power you have when creating your personalized adoption plan. A plan that can help alleviate any fears you may have. Some common adoption misconceptions and why you don’t have to be afraid:

  • Bonding Issues: Some birth mothers fear losing emotional connection with their child after releasing legal paternal rights. Working with an adoption agency can help you create a legal adoption plan that allows you time to develop emotional bonds. Open adoptions and semi-open adoptions help ensure you do not lose a bond with your child. Clear communication and structured time together will help you create and maintain a strong bond. 
  • Child’s Perception: It is normal to worry that the child will feel some resentment for the adoption decision. Adoptive families work with birth mothers to relay the positive narrative of a birth mother’s strength to choose adoption. It’s important to have open communication with your child and their adoptive parents. Integrating an educational conversation into your adoption plan can ensure adoptive parents communicate the empowerment of your choice.
  • Negative Outcome: With us, the adoption process in Florida is not something to fear. Adoption Choices of Florida has an advanced screening process that allows only the best prospective families to come forward. We always focus on the child’s best interest. Post-adoption support is always available for birth mothers and adoptive families.
  • Legal Complications: After the completion of the adoption process, you will not have any legal parental complications. Since the adoption plan details are agreed upon before the finalization, all your rights and responsibilities will be clearly outlined. These agreements help prevent any misunderstanding that may arise. 

Contact Adoption Choices of Florida  for Reassurance on Adoption Fears 

Adoption Choices of Florida is here to help you understand and navigate the fears and anxieties surrounding your open adoption. These fears are natural, but with open communication, counseling, and support we can help address and alleviate these concerns. Contact us for more information or if you need support through your decisions.