Five Misconceptions About Florida Birth Mothers

August 14, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Five Misconceptions About Florida Birth Mothers

By: Nicole Cunningham

When it comes to birth mothers and adoption in Florida, there are not always positive comments about them. Unfortunately, there are many different misconceptions that people can spread around that are not true at all. Sometimes, because of these more negative remarks about you, people will judge and misinterpret what it means to be a birth mother and the sacrifices that are required of you. Adoption Choices of Florida wants to put these misconceptions aside and let people understand the hardships you go through.

Common Misconceptions About Birth Mothers

Misconceptions about birth mothers come from others not being educated about birth mothers. With many of these kinds of misconceptions not being true, it causes the birth mother unnecessary stress and can cause their support system to not be as involved as they should be. Adoption Choices of Florida wants to help elevate any of these misconceptions and the truths behind them. We don’t want you to have to worry about these kinds of comments.

  • Birth mothers are being selfish.

Birth mothers like you are anything but selfish. You have to make one of the hardest choices of your life when you decide to place my baby for adoption. When you decided that was what you and your baby needed the most, this act alone was completely selfless. Selfishness would have been you not doing what was the best choice for the both of you. In the process of you making this selfless choice, you get to help someone else with the family that they have been trying to create. You get to allow someone else to be the parents that they always wanted to be by allowing them to adopt your child. Even though it’s a hard choice to make, you do get to know that you are helping someone else on the other end also.

  • Birth mothers don’t care about their babies.

Birth mothers will always care about their babies. There will not be a day that goes by that you will not be thinking, wondering, or worrying about what is going on with your baby in the new life that was created for them. Just because you placed your baby for adoption does not mean that you don’t love your baby. Depending on the type of adoption you chose to go through, you may even still have contact or updates about your baby through the adoptive parents. You don’t stop caring about your children just because they are not right there in front of you. It’s the same love and devotion that you feel for them now, but they are living with their adoptive family.

  • Birth mothers have all the say in the adoption process.

Birth mothers have all the say in the adoption process, which is not completely true. In many cases, if the birth father is known, then both parents have to agree for the adoption plan to go through. The mother is not able to make that choice on her own. Each situation is different. The amount of authority that the birth mother has is different in every situation.

  • Birth mothers cannot raise their kids.

Birth mothers cannot raise their babies. In most situations, it’s not because the birth mother cannot raise their own children. This choice has to do with what is best for both the baby and you. This choice is made because you want your baby to have the best chance at a good life—a life different from what you can provide them. Looking into Florida adoption agencies can help you find the right adoptive family for your baby.

  • Birth mothers are all teenagers.

Birth mothers are all teenagers. This is not the case at all. Birth mothers like you come in all different ages. There are some unfortunate cases where birth mothers are teenagers, but the majority of you are adults of all different ages and backgrounds. Birth mothers and their situations are all unique and can all have unplanned pregnancies.

Adoption Misconceptions and the Truth

These are just five common misconceptions that you may hear about birth mothers and adoption in Florida. We know these misconceptions are not even slightly true. We know that you are strong, resilient women, but hearing these could be hurtful to you. Just know that Adoption Choices of Florida is here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns about these kinds of misconceptions, please reach out to us to help.