How the Florida Immigration Law Will Affect Adoption in Florida

July 5, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

How the Florida Immigration Law Will Affect Adoption in Florida

By Lindsay Parkoo

Every birth mother should have the option to choose adoption when they need it. For some, adoption can be the choice needed for a better life for the birth mother and her child. Even more, those who work in adoption spend their time helping birth mothers through a difficult part of their lives. Unfortunately, Florida Governor DeSantis’s immigration law might change that when it goes into effect on July 1st. 

The law proposes restrictions on immigrants being able to work in Florida as well as other restrictions. Adoption Choices of Florida is here to keep birth mothers informed through this big change. We’ll be able to tell you how exactly this law will change adoption in Florida. 

How the Immigration Law Will Affect Adoption Agencies in Florida

Among the restrictions proposed by the law, Florida adoption agencies will need to inquire into the citizenship of their employees. If any business is found to give work to those without proper documentation, their business license may be suspended. An adoption agency depends on the many professionals who know the adoption process well. Those professionals provide so much for birth mothers to be confident in their decision. Without a substantial amount of them, the process of adoption could become more difficult and even longer to get through. The law states that any business failing to use E-Verify to check employment eligibility will be penalized. The penalty is said to be $1,000 per day. 

How the Immigration Law Will Affect Medical Care in Adoption in Florida

Hospitals that accept Medicaid will need to inquire about the citizenship of patients and employees. This can hinder immigrant birth mothers from getting proper medical care. This will leave many birth mothers without safe care to birth their children in the States. Hospitals will also require reporting the collected data on healthcare costs for undocumented immigrants. Despite this, the law states that hospitals are recognized as protected areas. These areas are off-limits to immigration officers since they could impact the health of the patient. 

This law also prohibits IDs from being given to undocumented immigrants. Funds to local governments to IDs to those with no legal documentation would be prohibited. This, along with out-of-state licenses being invalid identification, makes the process more difficult for birth mothers going through adoption. 

How the Immigration Law will affect Birth Mothers in Florida

Since this law will also prohibit human smuggling, undocumented immigrant birth mothers will be denied housing and transportation. According to the law, anyone transporting five or more undocumented immigrants or one undocumented minor will face penalties. They could be fined up to $10,000 or serve up to 15 years in prison. When you choose adoption in Florida, your agency will provide you with transportation and housing aid in your adoption plan. Those with an unplanned pregnancy, like teenagers, will be left without this important resource. If a birth mother needs to be relocated or transported to the hospital, she must have legal documentation. 

Consider Your Options with Help from Adoption Choices of Florida

This law might give a lot of birth mothers extra things to worry about. There are a lot of areas in adoption that will be changed because of it. If you’re a birth mother asking if placing your baby for adoption is a good choice, don’t worry. Your centro de adopción de niños will help you get through it. We at  Adoption Choices of Florida will provide as much as we can so you don’t gain any extra stress.