Frequently Asked Questions about LGBTQ+ Adoption in Florida

June 26, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Frequently Asked Questions about LGBTQ+ Adoption in Florida

By Katy Reagan

Placing my baby for adoption can seem scary and uncertain. However, Adoption Choices of Florida is a private adoption agency dedicated to creating loving and supportive families. Every single one of these families looks different. As a birth mother, you get a say in who raises your child. We help you find the perfect family that shares your values. Same-sex couples have the right to adoption in Florida. You have the right to choose LGBTQ+ adoption if you want to. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about LGBTQ+ adoption.

1. What does “Same-Sex” and “LGBTQ+” Adoption Mean?

“Same-sex” and “LGBTQ+” are terms that we use interchangeably. They both mean couples where at least one of the individuals identifies as LGBTQ+. When we use the term “LGBTQ+ adoption,” we are referring to when a same-sex or LGBTQ+ couple becomes adoptive parents.

2. Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt in Florida?

Same-sex or LGBTQ+ couples are legally allowed to adopt in Florida. The right to adoption is important to the LGBTQ+ community. Same-sex couples can provide the same level of care as straight couples. Therefore, they deserve the opportunity to create a family. Florida adoption agencies make this dream a reality.

3. Can I Choose LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents for My Child?

Yes, you can choose to place your child with LGBTQ+ adoptive parents. Adoption Choices of Florida is more than happy to help you find the right LGBTQ+ couple. The adoption process begins as soon as you contact us. You will be paired with an adoption specialist that will guide you through your adoption and life after. You will sit down with them to discuss your needs and wants, which will be described in an adoption plan.

While creating your adoption plan, you get to choose the adoptive family. Your adoption specialist presents you with adoptive family profiles to choose from based on your wants. Tell them you want to choose from LGBTQ+ couples. Our agency has so many adoptive parents from different backgrounds. You are sure to find a family that fits your vision.

4. Is the Adoption Process the Same for LGBTQ+ Couples and Straight Couples?

Yes, the adoption process is the same for LGBTQ+ couples and straight couples. There are no added requirements for LGBTQ+ couples to pursue adoption. There are also no added requirements for you to choose an LGBTQ+ couple to adopt your child.

5. Do LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents Face Discrimination?

LGBTQ+ individuals face discrimination based on sexuality. Because of this, it’s likely that LGBTQ+ adoptive parents will continue to face discrimination. This does not affect their ability to be loving and supportive parents, however. 

6. Do Children of LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents Face Discrimination?

It is possible that a child with LGBTQ+ adoptive parents may face discrimination. Children sometimes bully other children because they are different. With a good support system, your child can get through this. Because LGBTQ+ individuals already face discrimination, they can guide your child through it. Your child will have someone who understands exactly what they’re going through.

7. Will My Child be LGBTQ+ if Their Adoptive Parents are?

A person’s sexuality is not based on their parents’ sexuality. There is no research that supports children identifying as LGBTQ+ simply because their parents do. Children will grow into their own person.

8. Why Choose LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents?

Although children do not become LGBTQ+ because their parents are, they will feel safe to be LGBTQ+. They will have the opportunity to come out if they need to. Being raised in a loving and open-minded family allows children to be comfortable with who they are. They will grow up to be inclusive and open-minded as well. These are important characteristics of a well-rounded person.

9. How Can I Help LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents?

LGBTQ+ couples are less likely to be able to adopt than straight couples. This is because of discrimination based on sexuality. LGBTQ+ couples are just as likely to be wonderful parents as straight couples. They just aren’t given the opportunity. 

When you specifically choose LGBTQ+ adoptive parents, you give them a chance they might not have had otherwise. You are fighting against discrimination. You are making dreams come true.

10. Does Adoption Choices of Florida Encourage LGBTQ+ Adoption?

Adoption Choices of Florida does not support any type of adoptive family over another. Our goal is to find you the perfect family based on what you want. We only encourage you to do what’s best for you. Your ideal adoptive family may be an LGBTQ+ couple, a straight couple, a single parent, etc. You know your situation better than anyone. We help you to make the best life possible for your child, whatever that looks like.

Choosing LGBTQ+ Adoption in Florida

Adoption in Florida is a difficult process, just like anywhere else. Adoption Choices of Florida is a private adoption agency that works to make it a little easier for you. We walk beside you through the entire journey and provide you with the necessary resources and support. We know the value of an adoptive family. That’s why we help you to find the family that lets you know your child is safe. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to know your options, contact us today.