Giving Up Baby for Adoption in Jacksonville

How to Contact Jacksonville and Other Local Adoption Agencies

In order to reach our adoption agency in Jacksonville, call (833) 352-3678.

If you are not close to Jacksonville, you may be wondering, “where are other adoption agencies near me?” To contact your local agency, you can also call (833) 352-3678

It is worth noting that Adoption Choices of Florida also has offices in both Tampa and Gainesville. There is also an adoption agency in Miami. We can help across Florida!

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678, or text us at (904) 559-1251.

Giving Up Baby for Adoption in Jacksonville is Not Giving Up!

Giving Up a Baby for Adoption in Jacksonville, Florida

Placing Your Baby for Adoption in Jacksonville, FL

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be a very scary experience without knowing what to do next. While there are many options, choosing adoption with Adoption Choices of Florida may be a great choice for you! Giving Up Baby for Adoption in Jacksonville is an option and you are NOT giving up.

If you decide to carry out your pregnancy and choose adoption, you may be thinking, “where are adoption agencies near me?” Well, Adoption Choices of Florida is accessible statewide and has an agency for adoption in Jacksonville.

We provide private adoption services that will aid you in every step of the adoption process. Private adoption agencies and services allow birth mothers to make every important decision about their child’s adoption.

Adoption in Jacksonville through Adoption Choices of Florida may be a perfect local option to help with your adoption journey. Though the adoption process in Florida may seem fearsome, Adoption Choices of Florida is always here to help. 

Giving Up a Baby for Adoption in Jacksonville

5 Benefits of Choosing Adoption in Jacksonville

Choosing adoption with Adoption Choices of Florida has many benefits for birth mothers and their children. Five of these benefits will be highlighted here, with important information accompanying them.

1. You Have Full Control of Your Child’s Adoption Plan

An adoption plan consists of the plan that birth mothers make to help with their child’s adoption. An adoption specialist from Adoption Choices of Florida will help you learn all you will need to know.

You will have full control over the type of adoption that you and your child will experience. There are three types of adoption; open, semi-open, and closed.

Open adoptions consist of the birth mother and adoptive family agreeing to have contact. Open adoptions are recommended for birth mothers who want to stay in their child’s life.

Next, semi-open adoptions involve communication between the birth mother and adoptive family through a confidential online portal. The setup of this portal will be aided by Adoption Choices of Florida for both families! Semi-open adoptions are good for birth mothers who don’t want extensive involvement but want to check in occasionally.

Last, closed adoptions entail no contact between birth mothers and adoptive families. Closed adoptions are typically chosen by birth mothers who want to move onward in their lives. 

2. Jacksonville Adoption Offers Financial Stability

Financial anxieties can certainly be heightened throughout pregnancy, and rightfully so. As a licensed adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Florida will make sure you can pay your bills throughout your pregnancy.

We will be able to help no matter the type of expense needing to be paid. Whether it be buying groceries, or paying your phone bill, Adoption Choices of Florida will help. 

3. Adoption Choices Can Ensure You Receive Medical Care During Your Pregnancy

Carrying out an unplanned pregnancy is scary, even when you’ve already chosen adoption. Adoption Choices of Florida can help ensure you receive prenatal care from fantastic doctors. We will also make sure that your needs will be met by creating a hospital birth plan with you. 

4. Adoption Counselors Will Help You Through The Adoption Process

Adoption counselors are specialists who can understand what you are going through and offer their support. Jacksonville adoption specialists want to help you make the best choices for your individual situation. We are available 24 hours a day to talk by calling Adoption Choices of Florida’s toll-free number: (833) 352-3678. 

5. Adoption Choices Provides Safe Housing in Florida 

If you are in a difficult housing situation during your pregnancy, Adoption Choices of Florida can arrange better housing. We can provide you with a clean, comfortable, and safe place to live throughout the adoption process. Also, we will help you live safely during and after your entire pregnancy. 

While these are only five of the benefits of choosing adoption in Jacksonville, Florida, please visit to learn more!

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