After the Adoption

After the Adoption

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Life after adoption is a whole new journey. Our team at Adoption Choices of Florida will stay in contact with you over the next few months to see how things are going. This will most likely be the same social worker or agent who conducted your home study.

We will contact you frequently during the next several months, to make sure everything is going smoothly. While we understand that not all families are comfortable with this, this is something that every adoption requires. Rest assured that this will not last forever, we just need to have some documentation that the adoption is working out for everyone.


There are many different types of adoption plans. For some adoptive families, maintaining a relationship with the birth family is important. In that interest, we help adoptive and birth families to create a ChildConnect account.

ChildConnect was created by an adoptive father who wanted the birth parents to stay connected with the child. This platform makes it easy for individuals and families to stay in contact with each other. This system can manage multiple adoptive children from multiple birth families under a single family account. It allows adoptive families to upload pictures, videos, and documents for birth parents to view. The app also allows adoptive families, birth parents, and agencies to communicate with each other through a secure server.

  • Picture and video uploading
  • Digital storage for pictures, videos, and documents
  • A convenient and secure message system
  • A convenient way to discuss health information with birth families
  • Notifications when new videos or pictures have been uploaded


Not all adoption plans account for a relationship between adoptive families and birth families, so the ChildConnect system is completely optional. Some adoptive choose to have a continued relationship with the birth parents because they want them to be a part of the child’s life. Learning more about the medical information about the birth parents can also be beneficial for the child.

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