Domestic Adoption

Domestic Adoption

Adopt a Baby from Anywhere in the U.S.

At Adoption Choices of Florida, we create forever families through adoption for couples residing in the United States. Our office connects families from all over the country with babies born in Florida. The adoption process involves many steps, and it can seem overwhelming when you first get into it. Rest assured that it gets easier as you move along, and our competent staff will be here to assist you through every step.

The adoption process involves the following steps:

  • The Home Study – Before the adoption process begins, you will meet with a social worker or agency counselor for the home study. This is not a pass or fail test, but a discussion where you can tell us about why you want to adopt and what you need to do to prepare.
  • Creating an Adoption Profile – You will need to create an adoption profile so that birth families can learn more about you and why you’re adopting.
  • Matching During this phase, you will meet with a birth family and start creating an adoption plan. This will give you a chance to learn more about the birth family and the estimated costs of a particular adoption plan.
  • Pre-Placement – At this time, you will be connected with the adoption counselor who is working with the birth family. These meetings will provide you with updates on the pregnancy and the birth mother’s health. You can also start building a personal relationship with the birth family at this time if you wish.
  • Birth, Relinquishment, and Placement – When the day of birth has arrived, you will be at the hospital with the birth family if that is what you both agreed on. If you are not present for the birth, we will make sure you are fully involved in the baby’s care soon after.
  • Post-Placement Supervision – A social worker or adoption counselor will continue to check up on you for the first few months after the adoption takes place.

While our office is located in Florida, we arrange adoptions for families throughout the United States. Because every state has its own adoption requirements, we will need to make unique plans with you depending on your situation. Our agency is experienced with adoption in most states and will work hard to organize the adoption as quickly as possible.

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