How to Make a Gainesville Adoption Plan

How to make a Gainesville Adoption Plan

Making an Adoption Plan in Gainesville

There are many reasons a pregnant woman may consider adoption. The pregnancy could be unplanned or unexpected. If you are an expectant parent considering adoption, Adoption Choices of Florida can guide you in the adoption process in Florida.

You may be searching for adoption information. If you are searching for adoption agencies near you, we have locations throughout Florida. Our counselors are available 24/7 by phone or text at 833-352-3678. Or through our website, here.

Private Adoption in Gainesville

Adoption Choices of Florida offers private adoption services in Florida. We care about birth moms and families in Florida. Our adoption professionals can help you navigate an adoption in Jacksonville or any location across Florida. We understand you may be feeling scared and alone. Yet, choosing adoption may be your most significant life decision.

We are committed to helping you find the perfect family for your unborn baby. And will walk you through the adoption process with kindness, caring, and open-mindedness. 

Advantages of an Adoption Plan for a Birth Mother 

Making an adoption plan can bring a sense of relief. Finding out you are pregnant may leave you feeling out of control. So much change is happening to your body and present and future circumstances.

The power of making a decision may bring peace and calmness. Choosing adoption may be the most courageous decision a person can make. You might be giving yourself a second chance after an unplanned pregnancy. Creating an adoption plan may help bring a feeling of normalcy back into your life.

And most importantly, you are finding the family for your unborn child. Being involved in developing a unique adoption plan may establish a connection with your unborn baby. 

What is an Adoption Plan, and what are the steps in creating one?

An adoption plan details what the birth mother wants for herself and her child throughout the adoption process and after the birth. A birth mom can create an adoption plan regardless of where they are at in their pregnancy or even after delivery. However, the earlier it is made, the less strain there will be on the birth mother. A birth mother may be experiencing anxiety, especially with an unplanned pregnancy. Taking charge and deciding the characteristics of your adoption plan may ease some of the pressure. 

Three Types of Adoption

There are three types of adoption: open, semi-open, and closed. Open adoption allows for the most contact between the birth mother, the unborn child, and the adoptive family. There are many things to think about when choosing this type of adoption.

Open Adoption in Gainesville

Open adoption is a lifetime commitment between you and the adoptive family. The birth mother will be involved in the life of the child. This type of adoption can bring enjoyment and satisfaction to birth parents. It also allows for the most flexibility. Would you like to be involved in naming the child? What level of involvement do you desire in the child’s life? But it does require being able to remain in a relationship while also moving on with your life.

Adoption Choices of Florida can help you establish an open adoption while ensuring your well-being is a top priority. 

Semi-Open Adoption in Gainesville

A semi-open adoption is a good choice if the birth mother wants to be informed as the child grows up. It may be hard to move on after adoption, and a semi-open adoption allows for space. You will exchange names, usually first names, and receive communication until the child is eighteen years old. The birth mother and adoptive family can exchange photos and letters. Our professional counselors can help you decide on these details.

Closed Adoption in Gainesville

Closed adoptions are not as common as they once were. There is no communication between the birth parents and adoptive family during the pregnancy or after the birth. The adoptive family will receive the birth mother’s health and social history. Depending on the pregnancy’s circumstances, a birth mother may want this type of adoption. Or for her emotional stability.

Adoption Choices of Florida understands there are many reasons a birth parent chooses adoption. We are here to guide you without pressure and with compassion. 

Further Steps in making a Gainesville Adoption Plan

The birth parent can choose the adoptive family as part of the adoption plan. Our private adoption agency can help you make this choice. You are giving a family a second chance in their desire to raise a child—a beautiful gift. You will decide the factors surrounding how your child will grow up.

Adoption Choices of Florida believes all types of families deserve this opportunity. What kind of family will bring you comfort? 

  • Bi-racial? 
  • Same-sex? 
  • Traditional family? 
  • Religious affiliation?
  • Having values similar to yours?
  • Siblings?
  • Both or one parent has a college education?


Our adoption agency has skilled adoption counselors who know what questions you need to consider. Making a life-changing decision like adoption may make your thoughts feel chaotic.

We can help a birth mother think through these decisions. Adoption Choices of Florida believes you are making a brave commitment. Our adoption agencies have helped numerous birth mothers just like you.

Adoption Financial Support in Gainesville

Many birth mothers need financial assistance, and we are able to help them find the support they need. You may need a place to live while you go through your pregnancy. We can provide appropriate and sensible living arrangements. Not only during the pregnancy but post-placement also. Our adoption consultants will work with you if you need financial support. You will not be going through this alone. Adoption Choices of Florida are with you every step of the way.

Gainesville Adoption Agencies 

Adoption Choices of Florida would be honored to go on this journey if you are a pregnant woman searching for an adoption agency near you. If you would like more information about the adoption process, we are here 24/7. We are only a text or phone call away, 833-352-3678. You can also contact us here on the internet.

We understand you may be feeling embarrassed or scared. We will meet you in a public or private location. As a birth mother, please know you are not alone. Our compassionate staff can help you with any questions or unknowns. Reach out today!

Content prepared by Jan Douglas


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