How to Make a Jacksonville Adoption Plan

How to Make a Jacksonville Adoption Plan

An unplanned adoption is a scary thing to experience, but luckily there are resources out there for you to consider when it comes to putting your child up for adoption. 

But you must research before investing time in an adoption plan. Googling “Adoption Agencies Near Me” can be a good start to your research, but you need a plan of action as well. You need to fully understand the Adoption Process and be certain that this is what you want to do. 

When you partner with our Jacksonville Adoption agency or another adoption agency in Florida, we will ensure that your adoption journey runs smoothly and guarantee a loving family for your child. 

First, let’s go through how an adoption plan can help you and what it entails. 

How an Adoption Plan Benefits YOU

Adoption can become a positive experience and not the stigma that the world has defined it to be. As the birth mother, you have every right to go and pursue your dreams, which starts with starting with an adoption plan first. 

  1. Eliminating Financial Burdens- Placing your child for adoption will rid you of any financial stress that will arise in the future. Now, considering the emotional distress that comes afterward, the adoption plan is not ideal; finances are a sensitive topic for everyone. But relieving yourself from that burden allows you to do things that have a positive impact on your future. 
  2. Emotional Tranquil- This is easier said than done – more so right after the adoption process, but your emotional state will heal with time. But think of it like this: you will have more time to reflect and invest in yourself. But it also comes with reaching out to others and expressing your emotions and hardships of post-adoption. 
  3. A Healthier Future- Besides the monetary relief, you can bet that you will be able to accomplish more in your future. Things like going back to school or pursuing a career will be within your grasp, and you never know what other opportunities will appear. And this isn’t just for you, but you will know that the adoptive parents your child is with will also provide them with a better future. 

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How to Make a Jacksonville Adoption Plan

So, What does an Adoption Plan Entail?

We’ll try to explain this to make it as simple as possible. 

You can easily look up “Adoption Agencies Near Me,” or you can partner with Adoption Choices in Florida, and we will guide you through the process.

And don’t forget that there are two types of adoption:

  1. Public Adoption Services
  2. Private Adoption Services

Beginning Adoption in Jacksonville

When you first begin, you will be assigned an adoption professional or counselor. This person will walk you through the adoption process in Florida and inform you what your duties are in the adoption process. Their job is to outline the process and provide the necessary information to ensure the adoption plan will go as planned. 

Deciding your level of openness will be the next step, and there are three levels.

Types of Adoption

  • Open Adoption– This level entails open communication with the adoptive parents: the benefits that come with it are that you will be able to keep in communication with your child in the future too. 
  • Semi-open Adoption– Your Adoption Professional will be the middleman of your communication. Anything that you feel needs to be communicated to the adoptive parents will immediately be relayed by your adoption professional. 
  • Closed Adoption- This means that you do not want to release any kind of information about yourself to the adoptive parents. As the birth mother, you can decide to keep all information confidential, which also means that in the future, you will have no source of communication or news update about your child. 

Choosing the Adoptive Family in Jacksonville

Choosing the Adoptive Family may be the most nerve-wracking step in the adoption plan. You will need a few days to decide whom you want to be the next family for your child, and it’s up to you to discern what demographic and qualities you look for in the next adoptive family. 

And many qualities birth mothers look for. Do you want pets? Are siblings in the picture? Do you require proper education? Is a single parent fine? All of these traits in adoptive families will play a crucial role in where your child will spend the rest of their life. 

More Adoption Services

Financial support will come towards the middle of the adoption plan, but that is something that your adoption specialist can help you with. But rest assured that we will make things work at your convenience. 

These are just a few things the adoption plan entails, and other minor things come with it. What’s important to remember is that you’re doing yourself a favor and other families a favor too. When you partner with us, we will make sure that you are valued and taken care of once the adoption plan is over. 

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