New Infertility Journal by More Choices

May 26, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

New Infertility Journal by More Choices

By Janae Pabon

Infertility can happen to anyone. However, there are ways to help cope with the condition in a healthy manner. More Choices Publications, a subset of Marketing Choices, has worked hard to create “Baby or Not Here We Grow,” the new infertility journal. 

You may have just discovered that you are infertile, are in the process of IVF, or have accepted a life of infertility. No matter where you are in your infertility journey, this journal is a great way to help you work through this time and process your emotions.

What is Infertility?

An individual is deemed “infertile” when they are unable to conceive a child after trying for a year or more. It is a condition that can affect both men and women. There are many factors that can lead to or directly cause infertility. It is not something to blame yourself for, and there are a few ways to still have a family, even if you are infertile.

Assisted reproductive technologies try to work around infertility in different ways to allow a couple to have a baby. One of these procedures is called “in vitro fertilization,” or IVF. This is when sperm are introduced to eggs in a laboratory setting in hopes that they can fertilize the eggs. The “in vitro” part of the phrase means “in the lab”; therefore, it takes place outside of the body. A heterosexual couple can choose to use their own eggs or sperm or choose to accept some from a donor. The fertilized egg is then returned to either the woman in the partnership’s womb or to a surrogate’s womb to grow.

IVF is the most popular infertility procedure, but there are others as well. Some individuals choose IVF or other procedures to continue trying for a baby, while some accept the permanence of their infertility. Whatever your choice, know you are supported during this difficult time, and there are ways to make it easier.

Journaling and its Benefits

Everyone has different ways of coping with difficult times or stressful situations. Some stay active and get outside, some choose counseling or therapy, and some like to talk out their feelings. It has been proven to help with mental health and is a great way to organize your thoughts. Many people benefit from incorporating daily journaling into their lives.

Though a journal is just between you and your own mind, some still find it intimidating to start a journal if they never have it before. Some people simply don’t know what to start writing about; this is why guided journals exist. They can ease you into the habit of journaling in a more comfortable way by adding prompts to get you started. There is no right way to journal, and guided journals can introduce you to some easy ways to start!

How More Choices’ Infertility Journal Can Help You

“Baby or Not Here We Grow,” the new guided infertility journal created by More Choices, offers a great outlet if you are struggling with infertility. The journal is all-inclusive and pertains to anyone facing infertility by offering a variety of prompts, resources, and encouragement. You may be in the early stages of discovering your infertility, or you may be in the process of IVF treatment. Maybe you have decided to choose surrogacy or adoption, or maybe you’re just working on acceptance. No matter your stage in your infertility, this journal includes prompts that can help you process the emotions that come naturally.

For those in IVF treatment, the journal includes tracking pages to record your progress and your cycle. These can help you keep organized. The journal also includes emotional checkpoints where you can take a moment to pause and assess how you feel. It offers inspirational quotes and encouragement, and even informational pages as well. 

“Ready or Not Here We Grow…” is all-inclusive, providing you with important information along with an outlet for your emotions and a place to process your thoughts. This infertility journal encourages you to put yourself first. It empowers you to make decisions, accept your emotions, and gain control of your new life.

Purchase Our Infertility Journal to Begin Your Healing Journey 

It is important that you know infertility does not mean the end; there are always other ways to create a family. No matter what emotions you are feeling, you will come out of your infertility stronger. 

This all-inclusive journal is an extremely beneficial tool in your battle with infertility. “Baby or Not Here We Grow” is available on Amazon now! If you are interested in this infertility journal to help guide you through your journey, you may purchase the journal here.