Newborn Baby Adoption

Newborn Baby Adoption

Adopting a Newborn / Putting a Newborn Up for Adoption

Every day at Adoption Choices of Florida, we get calls from expectant women and birth parents looking for adoption information as well as couples seeking to adopt a baby. Our commitment is to bring these two groups together to find loving homes for the children. We are a private domestic adoption agency licensed by the state of Florida, specializing in infant or newborn adoption. But what does all of this mean?

Private Adoption

Broadly speaking, a private adoption occurs when a prospective birth mother voluntarily chooses to create an adoption plan for her baby. On the other side of this process, hopeful adoptive parents work with a private adoption agency to adopt an infant from the U.S. This is different from foster care and international adoption, where children of all ages are waiting for families under a variety of circumstances.

The private adoption process is unique from the other types of adoption. Adoption Choices of Florida is a full-service: we take care of you from start to finish, fully-licensed: we are held to the highest standards possible and subjected to legal oversight, private adoption agency.

Domestic Adoption

Domestic adoption is the adoption of a baby born in the U.S. by a family that lives in the U.S. Domestic adoptions occur when a birth parent legally consents to an adoptive placement and an adoptive family is prepared to care for the child as their legal parents. For an ease of understanding, the alternative might be an international adoption where a family living in the U.S. adopts a baby or child from another country. Adoption Choices of Florida specializes in domestic adoptions.

Infant Adoption in Florida

Infant adoption is defined as the voluntary and permanent placement of an infant or newborn for adoption by his or her birth mother. The birth mother picks the adoptive family, the level of openness, and creates her own birth plan – usually with the assistance of an adoption professional. From there, the adoption professional will help write out the terms of the adoption process. Adoption Choices of Florida specializes in infant adoption. However, if the baby is already born or a mother is seeking to place an older child for adoption, we can help too!

Everyone’s journey to adoption is different and personal. Adoption Choices of Florida can help! Call (800) 985-8108 today or contact us online.

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