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How Can I Pursue Open Adoption in Gainesville, Florida?

Exploring Open Adoption in Gainesville

When a birth mother creates an adoption plan with Adoption Choices of Florida, they will choose a type of adoption. The chosen type of adoption will determine how the birth mother communicates with the adoptee post-placement. Many recommend open adoption for birth mothers that are unsure what to choose. But what is open adoption, and why might it be right for you?


Adoption Choices of Florida is an adoption agency that helps birth moms all over the state. Our local agencies, such as our Gainesville adoption center, are dedicated to supporting and advocating for birth mothers. Are you a birth mother considering open adoption in Gainesville Florida? If you are, learn about the endless possibilities of adoption by contacting a local adoption agency near you!

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What is Open Adoption?

Open adoption is one of the three main adoption types. As the name implies, the communication between the birth family and adoptive family is “open”. The two parties can communicate directly without going through the agency. They can decide when reunions occur, how often reunions occur, where gifts and letters will be sent, and more. If you want to be involved in your child’s life, or simply want to interact with your child, this is a great option. Because of its “openness”, it allows for more flexibility. Birth mothers and adoptive families can collaborate on times that work best for them if they choose to meet. 


Though adoptions are unlikely to reverse and you cannot regain parental rights, open adoptions allow for the most parent-child interaction. Birth mothers can create close relationships with their child, and meet with them frequently. Adoption does not have to mean the end of this parent-child relationship. 


Less frequent meetings can also be arranged. The key to this type of adoption is that it is “open”. The term “open adoption” is only an umbrella. There are many different possible outcomes, and they all depend on the birth mother’s decision. 

What are the Other Types of Adoption?

The two other types of adoption are semi-open and closed adoptions. These types have varying levels of communication between the adoptive family and the birth family. Closed adoptions allow zero communication between both families. Only identifying information like first names and medical history is shared at the time of birth. Otherwise, the two families live separate lives. Though this type of adoption is rare, it is possible if a birth mother wishes to do so.


Semi-Open adoption communication is done through the adoption agency.  All pictures, letters, gifts, and images are sent through the agency to the other party. There is no direct communication between the adoptive family and birth family. Semi-open adoption is the best of both worlds. With semi-open adoptions, the adoptive family and birth family can still communicate and share information while also living separate lives. This also allows for the birth mother to forgo the adoptive family and speak to the adoptee exclusively.

How Can I Choose Open Adoption?

Birth mothers are offered many freedoms when they choose adoption with private agencies like Adoption Choices of Florida. They can choose the adoptive family and choose the level of communication between the family through their adoption type. When you contact our Gainesville adoption agency, we will help you navigate the adoption process from start to finish. We will discuss the type of adoption, the adoptive family, financial assistance, legal adoption requirements, and the labor process. 


If you are unsure on your next steps, do not worry! Adoption Choices of Florida has many experienced counselors that can help birth mothers with any uncertainty or questions. Our counselors have worked with birth mothers all over the state and are familiar with various situations. The adoption counselors will help you with selecting a suitable adoption type if that is necessary. It is important to remember that it is your choice as the birth mother and our support as an agency. 

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