Overcoming The Grief and Loss Of Adoption With Positivity

June 8, 2023

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Overcoming The Grief and Loss Of Adoption With Positivity

By Kyle Gray

First and foremost, you should never feel any guilt or shame in putting your child up for adoption. You are not wrong if you are pregnant and don’t want the baby. No matter if this is planned or unplanned, the act of adoption is not without pain. Do not deny yourself the right to grieve over this loss. No matter what stage of grieving, Adoption Choices of Florida is here for you with a helping hand and optimistic expertise. 

Understanding The Grief That Comes With Adoption

As you begin the adoption process and search for adoption agencies near you, emotions can build up and lead to issues. These internal problems can be wide-ranging and lead to more questions than answers. Prime examples include undermining your self-value, neglecting your health and well-being, and comparing yourself to other parents. These are only a few of the symptoms one may feel during the adoption process. If you experience any or all of the listed examples, do not hesitate to ask for help.

The Fear And Worry Of An Unplanned Pregnancy

With any pregnancy, there will always be struggles grappling with all of the emotions you will be feeling. However, the weight of these emotions can become much more heightened during an unplanned pregnancy. Being in this position can make one feel alone and unprepared for what is ahead. No matter how dark and hopeless your circumstances may appear, know there is help out there. Rest assured that our Florida private adoption agencies offer top-of-the-line personal care. Allow us to help you find the right adoption plan for you and your child. When it comes to Florida adoption, turn to Adoption Choices. 

Choosing Adoption Is Not Giving Up

One of the most challenging choices a mother can make is putting their child up for adoption. This decision will forever change both of your lives, but a hard choice is not a wrong choice. Adoption is a process built to assist both the mother and child in steering toward a brighter future. Even though others may attempt to discourage and shame you, at no point should you feel like a failure. The most important thing to understand is that you are doing this because you love your child. You want what is best for your child, and we are here to offer personal and judgment-free care. 

Seek Out Grief Support Through Adoption Agency Counseling

In Florida and nationwide, our private adoption agencies offer counseling free of charge and commitment. Through help from our licensed therapists, we can provide you with the service you need to get through the grieving process. If you pursue counseling through Adoption Choices, know that you can withdraw from your treatments at any time. If you decide to discontinue counseling, know that you continue at any point and still have our full support.  

Going Beyond Prenatal Care

Adoption Choices Of Florida offers many services to mothers to help at any stage of their journey. We understand that the adoption process can lead to issues with grief and loss, with other factors playing a factor. Without access to vital amenities, such as financial and medical assistance, this journey can become even harder. That is why we provide everything necessary to keep you and your baby safe and healthy. As a mother, you should never have to worry about where you and your child will sleep. Adoption Choices Of Florida can help you find stable and reliable housing. On top of helping with living conditions, we also provide financial and medical assistance. In terms of our financial support to you, it is mainly focused on necessities such as groceries, bills, and other living expenses. Besides making sure you are physically and financially safe, our biggest priority is your mental health. As mentioned earlier, we have trained counselors ready to help you face any issues, and we highly encourage you to reach out. 

Contacting Florida Private Adoption Agencies

Adoption Choices Of Florida is focused on helping any mother and their child through the adoption process. Our local adoption agencies are located in Gainesville and Tampa. The address for our Gainesville office is 2445 SW 76th Street, Suite 140, Gainesville, FL 32608. The address for our Tampa office is 8875 Hidden River Pkwy, Suite 300, Tampa, FL 33637. If for any reason meeting in person is not an option for you, we always offer the option to meet virtually. Your comfort is very important to us, and we are happy to accommodate you in any way that we can. 

Face Your Grief With Help From Adoption Choices Of Florida

The burden of grief is always heavy to bear, and even more so when it comes to being a mother going through adoption. Adoption Choices Of Florida is well aware of this pain and is here to help any mother through these hard times. 

If you or a loved one is seeking help with their adoption journey, always feel free to reach out for assistance.