Placing a Baby for Adoption in Florida During the Holidays

December 20, 2021

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Placing a Baby for Adoption in Florida During the Holidays

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it is important for you, as a birth mother, to figure out which route will be best for you to take. There are many different options, but adoption in Florida is a great choice that displays your deep love for your child and humility. If you find yourself facing unplanned pregnancy during the holiday season, you may be wondering if the Christmas cheer will get in the way of your adoption process. Fortunately, Adoption Choices of Florida has been through the adoption during the holidays, with countless birth mothers before in many different seasons, and is prepared to walk with you along every step of the process. 

What are the Basics of the Adoption Process?

The beginning of each birth mother’s adoption process is the same. You will first need to find the Adoption Choices office that is closest to you. We have locations in JacksonvilleTampaMiami, and Orlando, but we can really meet you wherever you are in Florida. Each of these locations is equipped with Birth Mother Counselors that will guide you through the adoption process and share their wisdom and experience. Adoption Choices of Florida is a baby adoption agency with many staff members who have been through the adoption process themselves, either as an adoptee, birth mother, or adoptive parent. Once you get matched with a counselor, you will begin to work on your adoption plan. Throughout your pregnancy, you will work on finding the perfect adoptive family for your child. You will get to meet the family in person and discuss adoption options for your child’s future. When it is time for you to give birth, you will check into the hospital you chose in your adoption plan, and once your child is born, you will give your final consent for their adoption. After placing your child in their adoptive family, Adoption Choices has numerous counseling and therapy opportunities for you to attend to cope with the emotions you dealt with throughout the adoption process. 

How Will the Holidays Affect This Process?

As with most holidays, things might run a little slower than usual. People are usually busier during December and January, and connecting with an adoptive family and working with offices that have diminished business hours might place a bit of a hold on a few of the different aspects of your adoption plan. However, most of the process will run as it usually does, so there’s no need for concern over major disruptions or hindrances. If you are facing unplanned pregnancy during the holidays, don’t hesitate to connect with Adoption Choices just because it’s Christmas time. We are willing to assist you during whatever seasons it may be, and you may even find great comfort in having the support system at the agency during the holiday season. If you are in a difficult financial situation, we will provide you with housing and monetary support in order to meet your needs during your pregnancy. This security, as well as the many relationships and friendships you will form as you work with the staff at Adoption Choices, can help make Christmas a stress-free and enjoyable occasion. 

Could the Holidays Influence the Type of Adoption I Pursue?

As you consider future holiday seasons, you may want to decide how involved you would like to be in your child’s future. As you consider the different emotions that may arise during holidays in the years after your child’s placement, the possibility of being able to interact with your child around the holidays may be a comforting thought. Suppose you decide to pursue open or semi-open adoption. In that case, this will ensure future communication between you and your child during the years to come, which means that you can develop Christmas traditions with your child or possibly even spend time with them. If this is something that you would enjoy, make sure that you seek out an adoptive family that would be willing to have an open or semi-open adoption throughout the adoption process. 

Is There Anything Else the Holidays Will Affect?

Ultimately, placing your baby for adoption during the holidays isn’t much different than during normal months. You may find that a few details take a little longer to sort out, and the people involved in your adoption might be busier than usual. However, you will also be able to get connected in a welcoming community that will help you feel at home during the holidays if you need extra support and encouragement. Additionally, considering what you want future holidays to look like for your child can aid you in deciding what type of adoption you would like to pursue. If you have any additional questions related to adoption, feel free to reach out to Adoption Choices of Florida, where we can assist you in any way we can. 

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678 or text us at 904-559-1251