Reasons a Florida Birth Mother might Choose Closed Adoption

May 21, 2021

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Reasons a Florida Birth Mother might Choose Closed Adoption

Written by Cynthia Knott

Your Florida adoption plan is not complete until you explore all of the benefits of each type of adoption. Each birth mother’s reason to choose closed adoption varies due to their unique situations. You have full control of what to include in your adoption plan—deciding the type of adoption you want may take some time to decide. Finding reasons to choose closed adoption may come easy to you, or you may realize them as you do research.

Adoption Choices of Florida will guide you through the Florida adoption process. You can discuss any concerns you have about your privacy, mental well-being, physical well-being, etc. We are available 24/7 during and after your adoption process. Any type of adoption can leave you with lingering questions. You will not be alone during or after your adoption process with our agency. There is no shame in choosing a closed adoption. No one can make you feel bad about your decision. Whatever feels right to you is the best option.

A few reasons a birth mother might choose closed adoption may include:

  • Privacy

If privacy is something, you value, closed adoption allows you to have the most privacy out of the three types of adoption. Your phone number, address, name, or any other identifying information will not be provided to your adoptive family. The only information shared with your adoptive family is your medical history to ensure that your child is happy and healthy. Allowing access to your medical history will allow you to feel comfortable with the health and safety of your child. The ability to resume your life as it was before you became pregnant is something you may value, and that is okay.

Birth mothers who feel like they are unable to or uncomfortable with sharing identifying information and want as little involvement as possible benefit from closed adoptions. You are not obligated to provide more information than what you are comfortable with. Not every birth mother’s capable or willing to provide information and commit to an open adoption. Only you know what you are comfortable with and capable of. No one can make this choice for you, but you will not have to make the decision alone.

  • Closure

Closure is one of the biggest motivations for choosing closed adoption. You may need to take a break and sever ties with people and your current circumstances— closed adoption can do just that.  You have the opportunity to disconnect physically, mentally, and emotionally. Disconnecting helps to recover and no longer stresses you. You might not want any painful reminders of one of the hardest decisions you have ever had to make.

If you feel that you cannot mentally prepare yourself for an ongoing relationship with your child, a closed adoption may be best. Your mental wellbeing is a very important aspect to consider. Adoption is not easy, and it can be painful to stay involved in your child’s life. You may feel unable to be involved in your child’s life for your own, personal reasons. This is understandable and a valid thought. Adoption, in general, ensures your child’s well-being, so it is easier to go back to life as it was before. You may want limited involvement in the adoption process and have complete closure after it is finalized. It is understandable to feel the need to put the adoption in the past.

  • Inability to Maintain a Relationship With your Child

Building a relationship with your child takes a lot of effort and time that not everyone has. It is selfless to know that you are unable to sustain a meaningful relationship with your child and adoptive family. There are many reasons why you may not be able to dedicate adequate time to stay in constant contact with your child. Your child will fully understand that you have chosen closed adoption for his or her benefit. Sometimes life gets in the way, and that is a good enough reason to want to choose a closed adoption.

Not everyone has a supportive, safe or stable environment, and throwing adoption into the mix can be too much on your plate. A birth mother may choose a closed adoption out of love because she doesn’t want to expose her baby or child to a negative or unstable environment. No matter the reasons behind it, your safety and the safety of your child should take top priority. If choosing a closed adoption is the best way to make that happen, you should definitely consider it.

Choosing a Closed Adoption in FL

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be confusing and anxiety-ridden. There are so many emotions during and after your adoption journey. Adoption Choices of Florida invites you to make an adoption plan that you are confident in. You will not be alone at any point during or after your pregnancy. You should not feel guilty for wanting to better yourself, knowing your child is safe and healthy.

The reasons a birth mother might choose closed adoption are unlimited and vary from birth mother to birth mother. Remember, your situation, wants, and needs are unique to you, and no one can take away what you deserve out of your experience. Your health and safety are of utmost importance. If choosing a closed adoption is the healthiest and safest route, we will help make it happen.

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption, and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678