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Housing for Pregnant Birth Mothers Before Adoption

We realize that an unplanned pregnancy can occur during an already chaotic time in your life. Pregnancy is difficult, and it’s important for you to feel safe and comfortable during this period for your health. This is why Adoption Choices of Florida provides women with a safe place to stay during their pregnancy. If you are in a housing crisis or do not feel safe in your current residence, we can set you up in clean, safe, and comfortable accommodations while you wait out your delivery date.

There are many reasons why you may choose not to live in your current residence during pregnancy, such as:

  • You do not have enough space
  • You are between homes or apartments
  • You have inconsiderate room or house mates
  • You do not want friends or family to learn of your pregnancy
  • You are worried about your safety
  • You do not want the father of the child to know about your pregnancy

While we do not have all types of accommodations to offer you, we will keep your needs and preferences in mind when placing you in a safe residence. You will not need to worry about rent or losing the roof over your head during your pregnancy.

If you need safe housing, contact or call us now.

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