Steps on How to Write an Adoption Plan in Florida

February 23, 2022

By Adoption Choices of Florida

Steps on How to Write an Adoption Plan in Florida

Creating an adoption plan can be intimidating and difficult. You need to know that there is no rush, you make all the final decisions, and the adoption process is a few simple steps. The first step is creating an adoption plan in Florida, which will help with the rest of the decisions you have to make. Adoption Choices of Florida provides services that you are eligible for during this entire process. To find out more about how to start an adoption process, keep reading.

How Do I Write My Adoption Plan in Florida?

First, you begin by asking yourself these very important questions. What adoption type do I want? Having an adoption plan starts off with the kind of Florida adoption experience you want for yourself, and that will benefit your child the most. There are three types of adoption to choose from so consider carefully how you are feeling and what you see for the future. 

  • Open Adoption: if you want a more personal relationship with your adoptive family, then this type of adoption is perfect. You establish the communication and consistency of contact. Forms of communication include in-person visits, phone and video calls, letters, emails, and photo exchanges. 
  • Closed Adoption: If you feel that it’s best not to have any form of contact, then closed adoption is the right choice. You do not need to know anything personal about the adoptive family. Your priority is making sure they match your criteria for the adoption plan in Florida. They will not know anything personal about you either. You are only given their adoption profile. 
  • Semi-Open Adoption: If you don’t want to really establish a close personal relationship with the adoptive family, that is fine. You may want some recurring updates of your child’s upbringing but might not want to be an essential part of their life. This type of adoption can set strict boundaries of communication. You can choose phone and video calls, in-person meetings, letters, and photos. All these will be moderated and mediated by an adoption specialist from Adoption Choices of Florida. 

If any of these resonates with you, you are one step closer to narrowing down exactly what you want for this adoption plan. 

The next following questions to ask yourself are helpful to choosing what adoptive family you want. This can also depend on the type of adoption you are having. 

  1. Location: Do you want the adoptive family to live in the same town, state, or a completely different country or state? This can depend on the adoption type you choose. 
  1. Values: If you are particular about religion, cultural values, and how they plan to parent the child. These are things to consider if you want all values to be similar or somewhat different, it all depends on what you prioritize, or it may not matter. 
  2. Upbringing: You may want to know how their parenting style is. Is it similar or different to yours? Do you want something similar or completely different?
  1. Occupation: Does it matter to you what they do for a living? Is their financial stability a priority or concern? Do you may want them to share a similar interest as you through their career? Keep this in mind if it’s a priority. 
  1. Personal lives: Knowing them personally as people affect your decision? Is this something that will matter? If you are choosing a certain adoption type that requires meeting them in person, does it matter that you guys get along? Do you want to share common interests and experiences such as upbringing?
  1. Adoption Experience: Would it make you more comfortable if they have other adopted children they raise. Is being experienced an important factor to you?

Once you have answered these questions, your adoption specialist will provide a list of potential candidates that meet the criteria. It is up to you to make the final call as to who you will trust to take care of your child and follow all your requirements. Remember, this is your adoption process, and with that comes the journey to place your newborn up for adoption in a home where they will be taken care of. 

Adoption Services For an Unplanned Pregnancy

Adoption Choices of Florida provides several services that you can use to assist you on this journey. We understand that you may not be prepared or even have any help to make sure you deliver this child. You may have circumstances that aren’t accommodating for your position with an unplanned pregnancy. We can provide assistance in many areas, so you feel prepared and not alone in this adoption process. 

  • Financial assistance is something we can provide. If you want grants or loans, we can check your eligibility based on your situation. We empathize that many unplanned pregnant women may not have the financial stability to take care of a child right now. You may not want to have a child. We respect your choice and choose us to handle your adoption with care. We can provide financial assistance for maternity clothes, transportation, phone bills, rent, food, and medical assistance. The adoptive family you choose can also contribute to this as well. 
  • Free Counseling is provided to you when you want it. We offer one on one sessions and group therapy. Suddenly bearing the responsibility of a child can be overwhelming in a lot of ways. Every emotion you are feeling is valid, and we want to help you analyze and process those emotions during and after the adoption process is complete. Mental health is a long journey with no official timeline. Take all the time you need to come to us for your counseling sessions.
  • Medical Checkups are important to have when carrying a baby. If you do not have a primary doctor or cannot afford medical insurance or payments for medical care, Adoption Choices of Florida can provide a list of doctors we trust. Once you choose a doctor, we can set up daily medical checkups for you and your child. Your health and the baby’s health are our priority. 
  • Birth Plan can be arranged by the doctor. You determine who is in the delivery room if you want pain relief medicine, if you want it at a hospital, if you want a c section or all natural birth. All these answered questions would be spoken on your behalf by the adoption specialist who will accompany you. 
  • Housing is another option we provide. If you do not feel safe where you are staying or are in-between homes, you may not have a home to go to. Despite the situation you are in, we can provide comfortable and safe housing for the rest of your pregnancy. Even when the adoption process is complete, we offer a few months so you can prepare and find stability on your own. We want you to have a healthy adoption process. Providing an environment that you call home is Adoption Choices of Florida’s priority. 

We hope that your written adoption plan goes smoothly. We understand that it can seem complicated. But breaking it down to a few simple steps and asking yourself essential questions can be less scary. Once you know what you want to come out of that adoption journey, you are all set in starting your adoption process and finding an adoptive family that fits your requirements. We wish you a safe and healthy journey. 

If you are a pregnant woman in Florida considering adoption and have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For more information on adoption, visit us at Adoption Choices of Florida or call us at: (833) 352-3678 or text us at 904-559-1251